Houston vs. Kansas City: 5 Things You didn’t Know

No, this post is not a preview for the upcoming football game between the Texans and the Chiefs. Sorry. Instead, it is a short compilation of a few random differences between Texas and Kansas/Missouri that I have come to find out in my short time here in Kansas City. Listed by importance to me, from bleh to what!? Here they are:

1. Fountains: There are over 200 registered fountains in Kansas City, hence the moniker, The City of Fountains. Houston has 2(according to my research, you can correct me if you want), it’s called the Waterwall at the Galleria, and The Mecom Fountain at the Museum District, that drives everyone nuts. I am sure there might be a couple more, but I am positive it is nowhere near 200+.

2. Terrain: Kansas City is nice and hilly with lots of green, even the inner city is has plenty of trees. Houston is flat with lots of ditches and potholes.

3. Vehicles: Texas, requires a yearly vehicle inspection along with a yearly(or you can opt to renew for 2 years) registration renewal. Kansas only requires a one time inspection upon the vehicle’s first registration, and that’s it. For how long? My research didn’t get that far.

4. State Income Tax: Texas does not have state income tax, but Kansas does. So, this did not sit in well with me. I consider this important.

5. Education: Kansas, with their stupid state income tax, requires students/parents to pay for their books….in public school. Really? Texas requires no such thing, they just test the heck out of your kids. The Missouri side of Kansas City? Don’t bother, the whole school district lost its accreditation. It’s the main reason why we decided to live on the Kansas side. This is very important, this is my kids’ education. I can’t have slow kids. I’m just being honest.

There you go, 5 things you didn’t know about Houston(Texas) and Kansas City(Kansas/Missouri). And, if you did in fact already know, good for you!

Here is a couple of Kansas City point of interest photos, will periodically post more as they are photographed:


The Bloch Fountain in front of Union StationmemorialThe National World War I Memorial, with my family walking towards the museum.

2 thoughts on “Houston vs. Kansas City: 5 Things You didn’t Know

  1. Anna says:

    Kansas City is second in number of fountains worldwide, surpassed only by Rome. Also, fair warning, we are very sensitive here about the Kansas/Missouri thing. The Kansas City you’re talking about here is in Missouri, excepting the whole school thing where you were more specific.

    Also, the Liberty Memorial is actually a WWI monument, not WWII. I only mention that because it’s the only WWI memorial in the country, so that’s actually pretty neat.

    Right across the street from the Liberty Memorial is the federal reserve, which is free and super fun. It doesn’t take too long to see everything, so it might be worth a stop next time you’re in the area.

    Glad you’re liking Kansas City so far.


    • Janis Gabriel says:

      Thank you for the tips! Yes, I have gotten laxed with differentiating between the Kansas and Missouri side. You got me on the WWI thing, I was actually trying very hard to make sure I had the correct war and Bam! still got it wrong, so I will definitely be correcting that!

      The Fountain thing is now more awesome than before with your information! And any other tips on family friendly places and annual events in KC are definitely welcomed, and thanks for the welcome, we actually are liking KC! Would be even better if the Houston Texans beat the Chiefs next month, but that’s another post. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!!

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