First Day!

One major drawback of the move to Kansas City is that we have no family or family friends here, so we have no one to help us take care of our rambunctious toddler. So, for the first time in my 11 year parenthood, I have to send a kid to pre-school/daycare. Neither one of the big girls ever set foot in a pre-school/daycare. Well, there is always a first for everything, and today was Aspen’s first day of pre-school. It was a sad and trying day. Here’s how it went:

1. I woke her up to get ready and she proceeds to cry out,”I don want to go!”. After about 10 minutes of fighting with her, Xavier comes, and gets her dressed in point 2 seconds. Whatever.

2. I pick up her backpack, to walk out of the door, she says, “Put my bag down! I don WANT to go!”. So, I tell her that we are not going to school, we are going to the playground (I didn’t lie cause there is a playground at school). She says ok and we get in the car. Off to school we go and I make sure I drive past the playground before parking, so she can see it.

3. We get to school and she starts chanting,”I don want to go mommy, I want you!”. I try to take a picture of her and she starts waving her  arms no and starts yelling, “No picture mommy! I don WANT to go! I want you!”. See:


4. We check in, get to the classroom, and she has a fit. It takes me another 10 minutes to leave after this lady peels her off of me and bribes her with the class’s pet birds:


5. I am finally able to leave and off to work I go (5 minutes late). I check up on her during the day and she is doing good, they say. Supposedly, this is how her day went:


6. I get off of work and I go to her class. Report: She did awesome, except for a 5 minute moment when she told everyone that she was ready to go. Upon hearing my voice and seeing me, she greets me with this expression and this statement, “You’re back, Janis? I reddy to go!” She abruptly gets up from the table and proceeds to lead me to the exit.


7. On the way home, I asked her if she had a good day, and she said, “I have good day. The girl change my dyepear.” I told her that was good, and asked her if she was ready to go back tomorrow. She said,”No! I don want to go”. SIGH.

Overall, I think it went ok, we’ll see tomorrow, but why didn’t anyone tell me that it costs, $200/week to send a 2-year old to pre-school for 3 days out of the week!?

2 thoughts on “First Day!

    • Janis Gabriel says:

      I hope so, cause today was worse. Niw she knows what the parking lot looks like and she starts screaming when she sees it. I had to drag her out of her car seat cause she kept holding on to the car seat. I felt like I was on tv. SIGH.

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