Sometimes, I Pastry.

Recently, I discovered my affinity for pastry. Not baking, but already made baked goods. So, by clear default, I guess I like baking, but loathe the process, because I am culinary challenged. Just ask my family. I therefore have secretly decided to practice “pastrying”. So, today(or yesterday), I made my own version(I will always tag culinary items as such just in case you wonder why they don’t quite look like what they are called) of “apple croissant”, as well as my staple weekly pumpkin bread, and the girls made sugar and chocolate chip cookies.

I first fell for “apple croissant” at the French Riviera Bakery in Houston. I can’t seem to find a place here in Kansas City(suggestions?) that serves them or decent apple bites/turnovers, like they sell at HEB, so I decided to make my own version: Real apple filling stuffed in Pillsbury big, flaky crescent rolls. P.S: Don’t judge me, this was quick, efficient, and tasty! I have a full time job that requires me to be detail oriented, meaning awake and alert, I mommy most of the time, I run, I read, I play, I even sleep sometimes, and I also wife, so I can get real busy.



I know what you are thinking, those ain’t croissant, and so what!? First of all, the dough was not a proper triangle as the instructions failed to mention, and I didn’t know that rolling dough was a darn skill…that I do not possess. But they taste good and that’s all that matters, especially with coffee, so these and the pumpkin bread will be breakfast for me, this week. Woot! and YAS! Try it, cause you will like it!

Here are all three:



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