Do you play!?

When my family and I hit the playground at whatever park we frequent, we do so as a family. Let me explain.


Aspen playing with her dad at the playground. Her face is awesome!

We were at the playground one day last week and as soon as we get there the kids attack, and shortly thereafter, so does my husband and I. I’m not as runny aroundy as he is, but you know, I play. I mean he plays and runs around so much to the point that other kids starts running, chasing, and playing with him as well(not too sure how the kids feel about that).

So, I was of course people watching while I was “playing”, and, of course, I notice that we were the only adults hopping around and sliding and jumping on the round thingy that swings you around. Well, I wonder if this was a nuisance to the other parents(I mean I don’t care, but I just wonder). I mean we have discretion as to whether the playground is grown up friendly, meaning if my ass can’t fit down a miniature slide we don’t try to fit. But, we usually frequent huge, grown up friendly playgrounds, so we think it’s ok to play. But then, why don’t more grown ups play if this is the case? I’m not that old yet or anything, but as long as my ass can fit down a grown up friendly playground, then I plan on playing as long as I can. What about you?

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