On The House Today

Apparently, there was some rachetery with The House (Congress, not my house) today regarding “Obamacare”. Since I am doing a series on the health care law, I felt the need to “update” you of the commotion that occurred with The House vote today. The House voted, 230-189, on a bill that will continue to fund the government until December, if “Obamacare” is defunded. This was of course expected, as the House is trying to figure out a way stop the new health care law, which is fine. I don’t think it will work, since quite a few Senate folks have already said they will strike the bill dead upon arrival, this coming Tuesday, when the Senate meets.

Essentially, The House and The Senate has to agree on funding to keep the government running, as usual. So, the House will need come up with another bill to vote on, regarding government funding until December because the funds they have now is set to expire on October 1 and because as previously stated, Senate will send the one they voted on to the pits of hell, just kidding, they are going to strike it down.

Basically, this had nothing to do with the health care law, but since that little blurb was attached to the bill that was voted on, I feel that I had to expound.

Have a great weekend!

Here are a few reactionaries to the vote today. Enjoy!

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