Week 3: Finally, Friday!!

This week blew by very, very fast, I am still trying to find Monday. And it was a rough one, at different points during the week, all of the minions were under the weather, but have pulled through pretty well. Aspen played sick whenever she had to go to school, of course.

Week 3 Highlights:

Aspen asked me if the weekly sales ad was for Whole Foods, cause she said we need one for Whole Foods. Does this mean that I have been buying brownies from Whole Foods too much? I personally don’t think so, but what does she know about Whole Foods?

When Aspen enters a room, she says,”Tada!” If no one pays attention, she says it again, louder, and with more emphasis, “TA-DA!”.

When I ask Aspen if she likes school, she casually replies, “I don’t care”. The pangs of being a toddler.

Finally, Aspen has a new name for mac and cheese: pac and cheese, which, when quickly said by a toddler sounds like? That’s right! SIGH.

Jaelan started running this week, YAY!

Xavi loves to play Diablo III. That’s all I got.

The new pet is a titty.

Week 3 Gallery:

(Click thumbnail to expand)

This Weekend:

Oktoberfest Festival

Overland Park Fall Festival (Maybe)

Pumpkin Patch

Farmer’s Market

Houston Cougars and Houston Texans Football on TV.

Have a great weekend!! 🙂

PS: If anyone has any tips/advice regarding this stupid blister, please share!

6 thoughts on “Week 3: Finally, Friday!!

  1. DJ says:

    Soak those feet of yours and get them massaged or u will suffer like Maria. She has heel spurs…any who great job on the running u would do great in the army

  2. Anonymous says:

    They have amazing “blister bandaids” that have gel in them to cushion and protect. Go get some before your foot protests!! 🙂

    • Janis Gabriel says:

      : I don’t! I don’t know what’s happening to me, it’s like I’m mutating or something!! Ahh! Lol, no I like a handful, but I hate them for the most part.

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