Non-Trending: Rent-a-Womb!

I came across this article last week and was fairly intrigued. I know about surrogacy and such, I just wasn’t aware that it is considered an “industry”, and has been for a while now. And this industry is booming, especially in India. So much so, that the government is thinking about or is in the process of regulating it, because it only makes sense to do so, right?

Anyways, I haven’t quite decided how I feel about this yet. But my initial reaction when I first read the term was, something like, rent a who? rent a what!? Is that legal? Ethical? How much to rent one out? I’m kidding, but seriously, how have things come this? Sure, there are the issues of exploitation among other things, but what does this mean for the traditional family, what ever that means nowadays? I can think of a million reasons as to why this is all sorts of wrong, but then at the same time, you have that dear friend or 3, who are struggling with being a woman who can’t have a child, and you are like, let’s eat, pray, love, and rent-a womb!

It is probably no different from IVF, but IVF does not involve impoverished women who has no other means to make a living and are made to believe that they are giving the gift of life. Somebody somewhere is rolling over in their grave at this, I am sure of it. It’s an insanely awesome solution to a natural predicament that does not need solving. This is just a thought, but I think that, there are reasons why certain people are naturally unable to bear children and renting a womb is not a natural solution. And yes, people who can fly out to India to rent a womb can probably afford to raise a kid, but what about all of the other things that can come out of this? You don’t have to think too long to figure out that somewhere down the line something terribly bad will come out of this. Maybe I am just to attached to the idea of birthing my own child(ren) and everything else that comes along with it, as well as the idea of a traditional, nuclear family that is dying a slow death in today’s unconventional world. Maybe.

As always though, I am not here to justify or denounce the issue, but rather to share and maybe inform. And again, if you already know about this booming industry, that’s awesome, keep up the good work of being informed and aware.

5 Things about the Rent-a-Womb Industry (in India):

1. It is a $1 Billion+ industry.

2. India has 150 known clinics, 60% of which offers commercial services.

3. Surrogates are compensated as much as, $8000 ($10,000 for twins).

4. Surrogates stay in a special clinic/hospital for the duration of the pregnancy and must agree to remain celibate.

5. Surrogates are often asked to breastfeed and look after the baby for up to 8 weeks. (No attachment issues, right?)


The surrogates carry a foreign embryo not containing their eggs.

Source: BBC

2 thoughts on “Non-Trending: Rent-a-Womb!

  1. Nadine says:

    @ $8k they are under paying them. Here, surrogacy can go for about $20k depending on the family & the surrogate. I wonder why the numbers are high there as far as women unable to bear children. I guess at the same token they are probably high here but surrogacy is still a bit taboo so it’s not often spoken of.

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