Averting Fiscal Fiasco

Update: 10/16/2013 11: 45pm CST: President Obama signs Senate deal, ends government shutdown of 2013, and raises debt limit. The End. Now, everyone can go back to work and proceed as normal, until Feb 2014.

Update: 10/16/2013 9:30pm CST: Houses passes Senate deal with 285-144 vote. Again, I’m sure we all knew this was expected, just keeping up with the action.

Update: 10/16/2013 2:45pm CST: House GOP will not block bipartisan Senate bill, per Speaker Boehner. But, I am sure everyone already knew this, just thought I’d add it for a dramatic affect.

For those who are interested and are keeping up with the bickering in Congress regarding the country’s fiscal issues, here is an update.

Apparently, Senate has agreed on a bipartisan bill that can possibly get the government functioning again, or at least avoid the Oct. 17 fiasco. The deal still has to go through the House and on to the President by Oct. 17, but everyone is hopeful. It is not a solution by no means, it just extends a few dates that is suppose to be devastating to the government’s already bad financial situation. In other words, the deal will raise the debt ceiling, the government will be financed until Jan. 15, and will be able to borrow until Feb. 7th. Essentially, Oct. 17th will become Feb. 7th.

I think that getting all of it voted on and signed by the 17th is a stretch given no one in Congress can agree on anything. But, that the deal is bipartisan is a decent sign. As always, one vote against will hold the bill (all eyes on Cruz(R)-Texas, just kidding), so we shall see. Announcements are forth coming, let’s hope it’s real so that people can go back to work and the fiscal apocalypse can be avoided. Amen? Amen.

Here is some random guy’s opinion on the effects of the shutdown:

4 thoughts on “Averting Fiscal Fiasco

  1. DJ says:

    Personally I am only interested because soldiers will be affected by this..is already being affected by this. Personally I don’t think they will have a decision/bill by deadline

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