A Letter For, Ma!

Dear Ma,

Today was your *th birthday, and because we are far, far away, we couldn’t sing you, “Happy Birthday”, in person. So, we did the next best thing, we made you a video.

SIGH. If you only knew the effort that it took and the number of takes we had to do because Aspen was being such a, ahem, toddler, you would understand, why we eventually had to settle for this, “final cut”. Let’s just say, that as always, there were lots of protests and tears, and, “I don want to!”(s). I had to bribe her with the candy dispenser full of Skittles, which she is holding on to in the video. And that blue stuff running down her chin? Skittle juice.

Nonetheless, mission was accomplished, and Mom, Happy Birthday, from Kansas. You are a very special person and we love you very much. ENJOY!


Your Favorites 🙂

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