Happy Halloween!

Halloween 2013 is here, yay for the kiddos! It is currently monsooning outside, so trick or treating is in imminent danger of not happening, but trunk-o-treat or mall-o-treating are viable options.

Here are this year’s costumes. Aspen refused to be photographed, so I had to catch one while she wasn’t looking in class. Of course you can’t see her costume. More photos on Friday’s recap post, and hopefully, Ms. Aspen will be much more cooperative with being photographed.

Can you guess what the big girls are? (Answers below)


The big girls ready for their schools costume parade this morning.


Aspen refusing to take her jacket off to take a photo.


I am a bar of soap



Jaelan is evil Little Bo Peep

Aspen is an Angel, she picked it out herself.

Xavion is a Twilight Fairy, yes, another fairy.

My friend and I are a tandem, a bar of soap and a loofa (I promised her, that she would remain anonymous) 🙂

What are your costumes?

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