Week 8: Finally, Friday!!

20131101-160253.jpg 20131101-154856.jpg

Happy FRIDAY, Everyone!!! It has been a pretty good week, with my mom’s birthday and Halloween being highlights.

Also, how awesome is it that November is upon us? The holidays are here and so are the RED CUPS! November is a busy month for us, cause it is Xavi’s and Mimi’s birthday month and Xavier’s favorite holiday, Thanksgiving! UBER YAY!!

Week 8 Highlights:

It was Halloween week, so the (big) girls pretty much lived for Thursday night this week. They were planning all of the evil things that they can do at school with their candy loot.

Also, Jaelan and Xavi refused to carry one of those colorful pumpkin buckets because, and I quote: “This tiny bucket will not produce maximum desired output, I’m bringing a pillow case”-Jaelan. Well, excuse me.

Halloween Night:

Aspen was a little more aware of Halloween activities this year and was a hit with the treat givers:

1. Big girls run up to the door, wait for Aspen to catch up, and then knock.

2. Treat givers open their doors, Aspen yells out,”Twick a Tweet”, grab some candy, throws them in her bag, and tells the treat givers,upon encouragement, “Have good night”, turns, and walks away.

3. Treat givers squeel,”OMG!!!! You are SOOOO cute!!”, and she politely replies, after some encouraging, “Tenchu!(Thank You)”.

This was pretty much every house that we hit up and by the end of it all, the big girls are on to the next house, so we played catch up the whole night.

One gentleman got all the way down on his hands and knees to talk to Aspen. Hilarity(or strange), and she was, “Retty go (Ready to go)”.


PS: My friend and I won the tandem Halloween costume contest at work….cause we were the only tandem. BAM! I was a bar of soap and she was a loofa. What did we win, you ask?


Golden Tickets to the front of the Thanksgiving Feast line. Pffft! Whatever, right? Well, hold on! Apparently, at the Q, by 1030am, the feast line is wrapped around the cafeteria and into the halls. REALLY? This must be some feast, and since this is my first time, I am holding on to my, “Golden Ticket”. POW!

PSS: Good news, I finally figured out who, “Chey Chey” is. If you don’t remember, read this. I’m keeping a close eye out on this kid. She is cute though, and I hope she was just having a bad day.

Week 8 Gallery:

This Weekend:

Crafts and Drafts

First Weekend at West Bottoms

Kansas City Caffeine Crawl

Houston Texans and Houston Rockets on tv.

Great win against USF, COOGS!!

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