Clay Day!


This past weekend, we went to Clay Day at the Central Resource Library.

Local artists and residents from Red Star Studios held a demonstration on various clay art forms. They also allowed us to get hands on by providing unglazed pottery and showing us how to glaze them, as well as explain the Raku glazing process. The girls were pretty excited about this event. We saw the flyer one day at the library and they made sure that I marked it on my calendar, we were even 30 minutes early! That never happens, and a good thing too because they almost ran out of samples to glaze and take home!

Xavi was very attentive and intrigued by the whole presentation and has requested to take pottery classes at the studio. Jaelan was bummed out because they broke her vase while placing it in the kiln, therefore they were not able to “bake” her vase.

I was pretty happy at the enthusiasm that both of them showed for the process and the results. Made me pretty glad that I took them. They both said they loved it and it had nothing to do with computers and video games. WIN!

Overall, the event was organized and the artists were very informative and helpful.

So, this is what we did and what we saw:





This is what they look like after they are heated to 1800 degrees


Then they go into the cans to cool off. They are so hot that they burn and fire up the paper inside the cans.




These are our finished vases, mine on the left and Xavi’s on the right. Jaelan’s broken, unbaked vase is on the middle.


We also scored these event displays. YAY!


Here they are with their art works! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Clay Day!

  1. I have some raku glazed pieces at Ma’s house. It’s a really cool process & the results are never the same. You should indulge them in their creative curiosity as much as you can, so go ahead & let them take ceramics class. Really, any art classes will do. The craft center here also does events like these, because there are a ton of artisan guilds in Houston.
    I looked up Red Star’s residency program & it looks awesome, but it’s strictly ceramic. Oh well!!

    Overall, glad that the girls had fun 🙂

    • Janis Gabriel says:

      Yes, you know I always find stuff for them to get into, especially events like these. Red Star’s child classes looked pretty good and affordable as well 🙂

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