A Book of Wishes!


A little blurb on holiday family traditions, instead of shopping, plus December is almost here. I believe that family traditions, no matter how small or silly, are pretty important. To me it is part of a family’s, “fingerprint”.  They are the little details that you look back and pass on to your kiddos that make every family different, special. Growing up, I don’t remember us having many memorable family traditions, and this is something that I want to change or have with my kids.

I still consider us a pretty young family, yea we are, so we are still in the infancy portion of creating our own family traditions. Already, I have a couple of favorites, my Thanksgiving Turkey Trots, which I hope to include my girls as they get older, holiday photos, and Xavi’s idea of how to tell us what she wants to for Christmas.

A couple of years ago or three, Xavi couldn’t decide on what to tell us that she wanted for Christmas. Before Xavi’s grand idea, we would usually take the girls to Toys’r’Us, Walmart, or Target’s, Gamestop, and a few other places to make a wishlist from. Well, this particular year, Xavi decided to snatch up the Walmart Toys Catalogue. Yes, there is such a thing. I never knew. A couple of weeks later, we ask the girls what they want for Christmas. Jaelan hands us a list of a few toys and stuff. Xavi handed us this:


This is a sample of a Walmart Toys Catalog. Except the one Xavi handed us had something circled and numbered by importance, on every page. Yes, she did. I thought it was brilliant for a 5-6-7 year old. I mean if someone comes up to you and asked you what you wanted for Christmas, wouldn’t you hand them the ultimate wish list? Well, that’s what she did.

Yea, I know it sounds silly, but ever since then, the girls have picked up a toys catalog and used it as a guide to give us some idea of what they want for Christmas. We have also learned to tell them that they can only circle 20 items in the WHOLE book. As I have mentioned before, no matter how small or silly, family traditions are, they are important. We always look back and talk about that time when Xavi circled something on EVERY page of the Walmart Toy Catalog, and we give her hard time and then laugh about it. It’s fun-ny. And then when they are older they are gonna do the same with their kids. Except it will be hologram or something fancier.

What are your favorite holiday family traditions?

The photo above was our Christmas card photo from last year, 2012 🙂

Image from walmart.com

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