Christmas tree!!


I have been itching since the day after Halloween to put up our Christmas tree. Then we realized our tree never made the move. SIGH. So, here we are, the week after Thanksgiving, and we are finally ready for Christmas. For the most part.

We got a new Christmas tree and decorated it over the weekend. We don’t do real trees because, and we are just starting to collect ornaments, so we don’t have that many unique ones yet. Some of our old ornaments did manage to survive the trek, so we had those to add to the new tree.

FYI: Xavier did not make any of the photos because he fell asleep on the couch. We were tempted to decorate him, but we held back πŸ™‚

The big girls did a great job of decorating the tree. As expected, Aspen and the kitty did more damage than help, but they all love the tree, so all is well, and we are ready for the holidays!


11 thoughts on “Christmas tree!!

    • Janis Gabriel says:

      Thanks! Yes, we had to get a new tree, and it is bigger. I like the blue too. It was either blue, purple, or fuschia, lol. But your ornaments are awesome!

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