Week 14: Finally, Friday!!


I know, it’s Saturday, again. It was a very tiring and trying week. There were three concerts this week, twice in one night, a delirious, sick, demanding toddler for three days, busy work week, and no posts at all during the week, so bad blogger! But, and this is a big but, we are two weeks away from Christmas 🙂 JOY.

Week 14 Highlights:

Jaelan and Xavi had a lot of activities this week. Well, mostly Jaelan. On Tuesday, Xavi had her recorder concert. YES. You remember those recorders that they used to give you in elementary school? Well, here, they have concerts for them. And it was different. After the kids performed, which was pretty good might I add. The kids passed out (clean)recorders to the audience(Eww.) and taught us a few cords, ending with the audience playing the first 3 songs that the kids played. The audience did well. I thought it was gross, so I didn’t participate. Are you kidding me? Jaelan had math competitions on Wednesday and school choir concert and honor choir concert on the same day on Thursday. The honor choir was with one of the local high school’s annual Winter Concerts, so it was a large audience performance. They take their fine arts seriously around here. Jaelan was so happy and the kids did well, they fit right in with the high school performers. I was all music out by the end of it all.

Conversation with Jaelan:

Me: Zay, have you heard the new R. Kelly album?

Jaelan: R. Kelly is famous because he is a pimp.

Me: What? How do you know he is a pimp?

Jaelan: He is a pimp because he wears a furry coat, a pimp hat, alligator shoes, and he has lots of money.

I like her definition of a pimp. Innocence, I hope she keeps it a while. Plus, it was funny.


I don’t have 2 words for how terrible this kid is when she is pretty sick. Ok, maybe: demanding and outrageous. She was sick from Wednesday to still pending. But, and this is a big but, she is officially potty trained.

Aspen: Janis Mama, I need to potty.

Me: Ok, let’s go. Do you need to pee-pee or poop?

Aspen: I gotta take a shit.


Week 14 Gallery:

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