Holiday Lights!

One of my favorite things to do during the Christmas holiday is to drive around town with my family and look at all of the awesome Christmas lights and decorations. A friend back in Houston recently asked where the best places are to go in Houston to see some awesome holiday lights and decorations. Are you kidding me? You live in Houston and you don’t know where to go to see holiday lights? Well, I guess I need to tell you a couple of my favorite places. As for Kansas City, we have yet to check out the holiday lights around here, and hopefully we will be able to this week, and below are the places we had in mind to visit.

PS: Houston sites are recommended based on my personal previous experience. If you have other suggestions, feel free to share them! πŸ™‚

PSS: Nadine, I hope this helps!

Houston Holiday Lights

1. The Heights

Houston Heights

2. River Oaks/Galleria/Uptown


3. Houston Zoo Lights


*There are also a handful of neighborhood with awesome Christmas lights display, but I thought I would stay within city limits*

Below are the places we want to visit here in KC, if you have other suggestions, please share! πŸ™‚

Kansas City Holiday Lights

1. The Plaza Lights


2. Union Station


3. Crown Center


*images are all from and are not my own*

5 thoughts on “Holiday Lights!

  1. Anonymous-You know who... says:

    Havencroft neighborhood in Olathe, KS. I can give you directions. Every house lit is MAndatory and they play music as your drive through the neighborhood.

  2. I really wanted to do Lights in the Heights on Saturday but it was like 35 degrees and super windy :(. We’re going to try to do Zoo Lights this weekend.
    But those plaza lights in KC look AWESOME!

    • Janis Gabriel says:

      I thought you went to Lights in the Heights! 😦 Well, the Zoo Lights should make up for that. And the Plaza Lights better look like that in real life, lol πŸ™‚

  3. Nadine says:

    Yes it helps & remember, I live in Houston, I’m not from Houston! Lol. If you asked me about New Orleans or Chicago I could tell you lol.

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