Week 15: Finally, Friday!!


I might just have to change the name this series. Because, it might be Friday, it might not be Friday. Maybe.

This week was pretty sickening, literally. Everyone at home was sick at some point during the week. There was a day or two were everyone in the house was sick at the same time. Luckily, my illness only lasted a day and a half, so I have recovered. The rest of the family is getting better.

We got an early surprise, yesterday, the real Friday. Xavier’s parent, brother, and cousin Todd, came into town to celebrate Christmas early with us. The girls are so excited and happy. And we are pretty psyched to have family during the holidays!! This means that we will have gumbo, turkey necks, and sweet potato pie in addition to our Noche Buena menu. YAS!

AND, shockingly we got some Christmas shopping in this week, this NEVER, EVER happens. YAY!

Week 15 Highlights:

This week was the girls’ last week of school before Winter Break. So not much was going on. Jaelan and Xavi were both sick at the beginning of the week, but have since recovered. Lots of fluids, salty soups, and vitamin c going on this week!

Convo with Jaelan:

Jaelan: Mama, I think that we evolved from monkeys.

Me: (GASP!) What!? Why!? So you don’t believe in GOD!? Why do you say that!!?

Jaelan: Oh, I believe in GOD and I think he is awesome and great, But I think we evolved from monkeys.

Me: Not acceptable! How can you believe in GOD and believe that we evolved from monkeys at the same time.

Jaelan: Oh, that’s easy, cause GOD created the monkeys.

I couldn’t decided if this was caused by school, television, the internet, social media, or what. SIGH.



More awesome news, Xavier and I finally coordinated our schedules so that Aspen will not have to go to day care!! YAY! She started home care this week! The big girls never set foot in day care and we felt kind of bad cause Aspen is having to, but it couldn’t be prevented as we have no family or help here in Kansas. So, now all is well, and Aspen will be cared for by her family 🙂

No fancy toddler smartassedness from Aspen this week because she has been sick and pretty not active. She is doing better as of yesterday though, so I am sure her antics will re-surface next week.

I am pretty excited for this year’s Christmas because Aspen is a little more aware. She keeps asking who are all of the, “pwesents”, for and she knows who, “Santa”, is now. We are not too big on Santa photos, so we didn’t really break our necks this year to get one in. Also, some pre-Christmas activities on the gallery this week.

Week 15 Gallery:

*The photo above is the Christmas tree at Village West*

5 thoughts on “Week 15: Finally, Friday!!

  1. Paris says:

    Humans didn’t evolve from monkeys, but we are more closely related to apes. That said, we didn’t evolve from apes either but rather we share a common ancestor with modern apes/chimpanzees; it’s from this ancestor that we get two separate species: one that eventually evolved into modern apes & one that evolved into Homo Sapiens. Jaelan is on the right track though.

    Really, that’s a very enlightening thing to realize at her age. I don’t see anything wrong with both believing in God, which I don’t necessarily do myself (and by this I am very, very loosely speaking for myself) & believing in science or taking it into account alongside religion. Whether we like it or not, the one up that science has here is that it is proven. That said, whatever people believe spiritually is their own right.

    If anything, this just goes to show how intelligent Jaelan is with her ability to compensate the two different explanations (creationism & evolution) into something that makes sense to HER & helps HER understand how things may or may not work together (with the latter unfortunately being the case most of the time & causing conflict amongst people).
    Most children would just accept an explanation for a concept they can’t yet fully perceive & never know for themselves why, what, when, etc. especially when it’s taught without question. It’s that sort of lack of questioning & lack of enlightenment that can dangerously lead to ignorance, which in itself begets hate, intolerance, etc. Even if someone agrees with something that IS “right”, they should still understand WHY it is “right”. The same goes especially for things that are “wrong”.
    It seems like Jaelan is doing a pretty good job at exercising this ability. I wouldn’t worry, but you are her mother and it’s your job & right to do so!

    The Bible, the Koran, the Torah, the Tipitaka, etc. Even science text books. All these give their readers a better understanding of life in general & its importance when approached with an intelligible & critical mind. All are enlightening. All are poetry. Here, PBS said it best:

    “Evolution describes the change over time of all living things from a single common ancestor. The ‘Tree of Life’ illustrates this concept. Every branch represents a species, each connected to other such branches and the rest of the tree as a whole. The forks separating one species from another represent the common ancestors shared by these species. In the case of the relatedness of humans & single-celled organisms, a journey along two different paths — one starting at the tip of the human branch, the other starting at the tip of a single-celled organism’s branch — would ultimately lead to a fork near the base of the tree: the common ancestor shared by these two very different types of organisms. This journey would cross countless other forks and branches along the way and span perhaps more than a billion years of evolution, but it demonstrates that even the most disparate creatures are related to one another — that all life is interconnected.”

    Hugs & kisses to y’all! Glad to see your holiday is very merry!

    P.S. Congrats to not having to deal with daycare anymore!

    • Janis Gabriel says:

      I am still trying to figure out how to respond to this comment! lol 🙂 But thank you and I agree with some of your points, but not all! and the day care thing is a plus! 🙂

      • Paris says:

        You know me! It’s not like I planned to be, but I eventually turned out to be the “eccentric, crazy, artist aunt”! 🙂

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