Christmas Card and Egg Nog!


I am a little late this year, but here is our 2013 Christmas cards. I still have to mail out a few and yes, I know tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and I apologize in advance. For the card photo, I just picked out one of the girls’ that I shot, pretty much same as last year. I think it worked out ok. Also, I changed up this year and used Zazzle(I used Shutterfly last year). Zazzle had the best selection with the best daily savings, so I decided to try them this year. I also liked their paper and envelopes better. We hope you guys like them! 🙂

On a completely different note, after much anticipation, I finally got to try some EGGNOG tonight. Yes, eggnog. Never had eggnog ever in my life, until tonight. I served some at our Ugly Sweater Christmas party last year, but two somebodies, drank the whole supply. So, this is how I drank my first eggnog:


1 oz Kahlúa Peppermint Mocha liqueur

1 oz Whiskey

4 oz Eggnog

A pinch of ground nutmeg for garnish

Instructions: Mix everything in a mini goblet and garnish with ground nutmeg

Violà! Awesome and easy eggnog cocktail to drink at home or to serve 🙂

*Happy CHRISTMAS to Y’ALL!! Enjoy church, eat well, and be merry!*


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