Hello, 2014!


Yes, we are a halfway through January, but it is still January. So, I thought I would recap 2013 and share some expectations for 2014, because I do not resolute. Resolutions and I don’t get along, too much pressure. Expectations are less concrete, if that makes sense.

2013 was a blizzard of a year, lots of ups and down, and it went by so quickly, I am still trying to figure out where it went. So, a few recap/highlights:

1. After 6 months, I like Kansas City. I detest the winter because it makes a hermit out of me and my family. But that can be a good thing, you have to interact with each when you are stuck at home. I need to work on more indoor activities. I do like winter clothes though, weird.

2. 2013 was a good year career wise, I finished my master’s degree and landed a position with an awesome company: 2 weeks after we decided to move. Talk about being blessed in a timely manner 🙂

3. Some downs: we miss family, friends, and life in Houston and the travel department was limited this year, due to the new job.

4. There were a handful of bumps and challenges in parenthood, but I learned a lot along the way.

5. Fitness wise, 2013 was not good. The allergy thing really set me back. I only ran 5 races as opposed to 12 in 2012.

Extra: I started this blog and it is still alive!

*There were more awesomeness and downs, but these are some that I wanted to share*


I have a lot of expectations for 2014, just because. I get like that around January because it feels like I am getting a fresh start and another chance at improving from last year. So here are some expectations, order is of no importance.

1. Fitness is a major thing. I expect to run more races than last year. I am aiming for around 15 races, with a couple of half-marathons. And I am hoping to add biking in this department.

2. Blog expectations: I am hoping to do at least 3 posts a week with a more focused content: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. So, look for more blog posts this year.

3. I am aiming to travel more with my family this year. And going home does not count as traveling.

4. Now that we are getting more settled, I am expecting to have the girls back into their sporting activities: soccer and tennis.

5. I expect to volunteer more this year, and to share that with the girls.

6. I expect to read more books and not abandon them after a few chapters: 15 books.

7. This is a hard one: I am aiming to work on being a more patient and efficient parent. Aiming is a key word.

8. I expect to date more this year. For real.

9. I expect to join a church, here in KC. Any recommendations? I am having a hard time finding one.

10. Smile, at some point, everyday, at people. I hear it is good for the soul and sexy 🙂

Doing awesome career wise is a requirement, so no expectations there.

And there are more expectations, but this is a good list to share, and I don’t like for my posts to be too long 🙂

Lofty expectations, but crushable, don’t you think? What are your expectations for this year?

Running from the cold.

BYE BYE, 2013!!

2014 image from google.com

2 thoughts on “Hello, 2014!

  1. Paris says:

    Lots of goals for Jonathan & I as well, most of them just self-fulfilling… Things like travel & such. Also to watch more films” read more books, and see more art in person. Last but not least, to always be in a better position than we were last year. Download that app I showed you when you were down here! It helps you to at least list down everything that you want to make a note of to do 🙂

  2. Janis Gabriel says:

    : I like the better position than last year one. That is a good expectation to have. And I got an app that is similar to the one that you have. I will try it out and then try your app. Thanks for the recommendation! 🙂

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