Week 19: Finally, Friday!!


Happy Friday!! This week was not as brutal weather wise, so we got to step out a couple of days during the week! YAY!

Week 19 Highlights:

With the temperature highs in the 30s and 40s, we were able to step out to a couple of park and scooter days this week. YAY. You learn to appreciate these days when you are not used to being indoors for so long, like 3-4 days in a row, because of polar vortex weather and real winters. Brutal, I tell you.

Xavi joined the Scrabble club at school, so we decided to make her awesome by having scrabble days at home, as an indoor activity. I am working on this.

Xavi asked to have a section of her own on the blog. She is a little envious that Jaelan has the book worm section. So, a Xavi section on the blog is forth coming, as soon as I figure out what it will be.


With extended Dora the Explorer time at home, due to no more day care, Aspen now counts better in Spanish than in English and Tagalog. SIGH. This needs to be fixed.

Aspen went roller skating for the first time this week. Indoor activity. It went well.

Because Xavier spends more day time with her now, Aspen has decided that I am no longer awesome and everything is all about Daddo. Yes, Daddo.

Aspen: Daddo is my best friend. Not you, Janis!

The End.

As previously stated, I need to figure out more awesome indoor activities, so if you have any awesome suggestions, please share.

Week 19 Gallery:

4 thoughts on “Week 19: Finally, Friday!!

  1. DJ Jomadiao says:

    Yay!!! Glad you guys liked the corn bread mix, ill send some more and beer bater bread too:) Totally jealous of the Korean spot you found, it reminded me of my tour in S.Korea, when we were short on money those korean spots feed us hungry soldiers for $7 all we could hold down.

    • Janis Gabriel says:

      : Yes! It was soft and fluffy. Xavi made it. When you come to visit us, we will take you to a couple of spots. They are so close to home!

  2. Paris says:

    Buy lots of other board games. Settlers of Catan is really fun; it’s the one we bought Toto. We bought one for ourselves. Also, if you have a group of people over, Cards Against Humanity. Just a forewarning though: It’s a supremely offensive game, so if you are sensitive or can’t take dark humor then don’t play it!

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