Week 20: Finally, Friday!!


Happy Friday!! Another week gone by and another week older! HA!

Week 20 Highlights:


This week, we had Jaelan’s middle school tour and enrollment meeting. MIDDLE SCHOOL. My big girl will be in 7th grade next semester, I am getting OLD or WISER! 🙂 I still can’t believe it! She was so excited! What was she excited about? LOCKERS! She is excited to get a locker next year and psyched that the school has 3 floors. She is afraid she will get lost. I laughed.


She sang a song about Pokemon. It goes something like this (Tune of Milkshake by Kelis, yes, that Milkshake)

“My Pokemon brings all the nerds to the yard,

and they’re like, do you wanna trade cards,

dang right, I want your Charizard…”




Minor victory this week: One week with big girl panties(no pull-up) to bed and one week of waking up dry. I now consider her potty trained, so if she has an accident, she will be reprimanded.

An Aspen and Jaelan indoor activity: A dancing app on Jaelan’s iPad:

Week 20 Gallery:

Have an AWESOME weekend!! 🙂

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