In my never ending quest for indoor activities during this treacherous(not really) winter, I was encouraged to visit Hallmark’s Kaleidoscope located at Crown Center. So, the girls and I headed over there this past weekend to check it out.


Kaleidoscope is kind of like an art center. It is packed with colorful walls and decorations and lots of paper and crafty materials for kids of all ages and adults to create with. It is also free. As a matter of fact, as I was researching Kaleidoscope and several museums around Kansas City, I noticed that most of them are FREE. This is a big PLUS.

But, back to Kaleidoscope. It is basically a family art session in divided into 40-minutes increments. Tickets are first come, first serve, or until each session is full. You can’t make reservation unless you have a group of 15 or more, so it is best to get there early before each session. We were second in line for our session.

I have to advise that 40 minutes is not nearly enough time, if your kiddos like to actually take their time and create masterpieces, like my big girls. There are several stations, ranging from painting, puzzle making, to melting crayons, and of course card making. My big girls were only able to cover about 2-3 stations. They spent a good amount of time at the painting and card making stations. They were pretty bummed out to have missed the crayon melting and puzzle making stations, so that will be for our next visit.

Aspen covered 2 stations, painting and any station with toddler scissors. When she finished with the painting station, we moved over to a craft station with toddler scissors and that was it for her. She stayed there and maybe 2 more stations with scissors and was content and happy cutting up paper and what not for a good 25 minutes. I tried to get her to make things out of what she was cutting, but she just wanted to cut.

So, overall, the place is pretty neat. Come ready to create with your littles and come early, as each session does get quite crowded, even if it is cold outside. Highly recommended for an indoor activity.


Afterwards, we had dinner at a Kansas City staple, Fritz’s Railroad Restaurant. It’s a cute little restaurant that has been in KC since 1954. The girls thought it was awesome. The place was full of trains and railroad decorations. You place your order on a telephone on your table and an overhead train system delivers your food tray to your table.

Every time someone’s food was delivered, Aspen screamed with excitement. It was hilarious. She wanted every table to get their food. She also rode on a mini train ride and she was pretty excited about it.

Next time you are in Kansas City with your little ones, go visit Kaleidoscope and eat at Fritz’s!! 🙂


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