Week 21: Finally, Friday!!


Happy, Saturday! Another day behind Friday post 🙂 Awesomeness!

Week 21 Highlights:

Jaelan has been pretty busy with school work and clubs so she’s been pretty boring this week. I kid. She also started working out with her dad and I. Surprisingly, she is pretty motivated. She even got an attitude when she thought she was kicked her out of the home gym in favor of her school work. She got over it quickly.

Xavi had an interesting week. She was stressing and dreading her school’s Kansas Day, which was this week, because they were required to Square Dance. In front of people, she said. And y’all know Xavier and I don’t square dance, so, she was alone in this one. I did volunteer to help serve lunch to her whole grade , I was the dinner roll lady. So, I got to see her try to square dance. This is how it went:


Aspen is all about her dad and Bavion(Xavi) right now. She only comes to me or wants to hang out with me when she gets in trouble with her dad or when she gets in trouble period.

Like when she decided to draw on my face while I napped one day this week. A hint of her face art stayed after several facial scrubbings. GRRR, Aspen, GRRRR! But that did not satisfy her hunger for art, because she decided to draw on a wall. So, she got in more trouble with me and she ran to Xavi, cause Xavier wasn’t home.

She has also been uber hyper this week, like overdrive, she is everywhere! Not sure if it is the sweets and cookies, or she is just crazy, like her dad. Not sure. She breaks out in dance moves when she hears her favorite music. See:

So, indoor activity puzzle edition was a total FAIL because it required her to sit down.

No uber funny convos with her this week, but lots of funny phrases/words. Here is one:

“Janis! Janis! My name is Dr. Aspen and I am doing check-ups, I need my sketoscope!”

PS: We had a company party this week and the theme was, A Beach Getaway. Mean while, I had to fight the Ice Villain that devoured my car cause it was too damn cold degrees outside. But, the party was nice and refreshing. They had virgin mangoritas. The End.

PSS: Excuse the video quality, it’s only iPhone.

Week 21 Gallery:

2 thoughts on “Week 21: Finally, Friday!!

  1. DJ Jomadiao says:

    i vote more videos…especially of Aspen…i replayed the part where she insisted that Xavie shake her booty…shake your booty!!!!!!

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