Week 22: Snow Days!!!


On Monday, everyone at work was talking about the storm that was coming on Tuesday morning. Sure enough, on Tuesday, we had our first, “snow storm”, here in Kansas. It snowed from 9am on Tuesday morning to about 8am on Wednesday morning, non-stop. I believe final measurements, according to varying sources were, snowfall of between 10 to 15 inches. School has been out since Tuesday, and I finally went back into the office on Thursday, Xavier did not get any snow days.



So, what did we do? Well aside from being stuck in the house, the girls played in the storm, tried to build an igloo, and I joined them once I finished working. Aspen played for bit, but she loathes the snow for the most part, and it didn’t help that she fell off of her wagon face down into the powdery snow.But, she is okay, and she would not walk on the snow afterwards. I’m sure our neighbors who were out shoveling snow probably thought we were crazy 🙂

The girls put their Colorado outfits on (thats what we call our snowboard/ski pants) and we played in that snow like we had never seen snow before. We’ve technically seen more snow than this, we just never had it in our front/backyards.


The girls have been playing outside in the snow everyday since Tuesday, they are loving it! Lots of snow angels and snow ball fights. I am very surprised at how quickly they are adapting to the cold, I guess all of their energy keeps them warm, because they don’t need as many layers as I do. Unfortunately, Xavier had to work both days, so he missed all of the fun. Here are a few photos and a very short video from Snowmageddon 2014.















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