First Solo!


Jaelan loves to sing. She sings all day, everyday. Music is a very accurate way to describe her. She has been in a school choir ever since she became old enough to join. When she found out we had to move to Kansas, the only thing she was worried about was if the school had a music program. I have no idea where she gets her musical acumen from, probably Xavier, but she is pretty good. I love that she loves music and I love that schools around here are continuing to nurture and prioritize music and fine arts in their curriculum. I hope she continues to love music and uses it for good in her life. And so that being said, last night, at Open House at her school, Jaelan had her first solo part.

About 2 weeks ago, Jaelan tried out for the small solo part in the choir concert and she got it, YAY! She had a great week last week, she had a birthday and she got the solo part that she had been obsessing about. It is also the first solo part that she has ever done, meaning she has never sang by herself in front of people. She was very nervous, but excited at the same time.


Anyway, below is a video of the intro portion of her solo and another, longer video of the rest of the song. I thought she did great, she stood up front like a British Royal guard, I mean she didn’t move a hair. Aspen even cheered her on and called her name out, but Jaelan did not flinch. She said that she was concentrating on her dad’s and our faces in the crowd. After the show, she had several people compliment her on her performance and that gave her such a huge relief. We were proud parents and sisters tagging along. Anyways, hope you enjoy the videos! 🙂 GREAT JOB JAELAN!! YOU ROCK!!


4 thoughts on “First Solo!

  1. DJ Jomadiao says:

    Wow, she is amazing and did so great. Proud of her and the lady she is becoming, may she keep her love of the arts, I think she got it from both you and Xavier and a little from the blood line, LOL. Tell her I am really proud of her and wish i wasn’t so far away. I love you guys

  2. paw paw and mimi says:

    Hey Jaelan. You were great. You fought thru the distractions–the lil terminator yelling your name during the show and talking over your video but also you being able to perform in front of so many people. Great job. We are so proud of you. We love you.

  3. llerT elcnU says:

    Great job naleaJ! I am proud of you. Hope to see and hear more. Love you girls and miss you all. Oh yea its Jazz so loosen up a little, lol.

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