Sweet Love Bites: Cherry Heering


If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably noticed that I have a slight obsession with drinks. Slight. Every now and then I test and taste concoctions and spirits, and even read about them. Yes.

I recently attempted a Cherry Heering Liquer cocktail that I found here. My version is below and I consider it a success. I used triple sec instead of the Parfait orange liquer, because I did not have it on hand, and because triple sec is orange based, so close enough. It came out very sweet, which is fine with me, since I drank it during dinner. It was like having my dessert with my meal. Enjoy!

Love Bites Cocktail



1 oz. Cherry Heering Liquer

1 oz. Triple Sec

0.25 oz Irish Cream


Pour cherry liquer, then triple sec over rocks in desired glass. Top with Irish cream.




6 thoughts on “Sweet Love Bites: Cherry Heering

    • Janis Gabriel says:

      Thanks, and it is! And no, not a bartender at all. I just decided to get active with my slight whisky/cocktail obsession. But, I am thinking about taking a bar tending class/lesson 🙂 My husband says that I am too heavy handed, lol.

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