Week 33 and 34: Finally, Friday!!


Hope everyone had a great weekend! Though it is with a weary heart that I inform you that the Houston Rockets season ended unexpectedly, on Friday 😦 It was an awesome series and good luck to the Trailblazers.




This week’s post is 2 weeks worth, since we were out in Florida for last week and didn’t do a Friday post. It was a late Spring Break trip for the girls and the family. The weather down there was excellent, lots of sunshine and the water was awesome. Clear and clam for the most part. The girls were so happy to be at the beach, they swam and played the whole time. We had a great time and was very thankful to have been able to get away from Kansas weather. We also made a stop in Nashville, which surprisingly had lots to offer than I expected and super friendly folks. Some places we were able to visit were Crema, the Broadway Strip, and Slider House. We missed out on Barista Parlor and Pinewood Social due to the weather, maybe next time.




Last week’s highlight was definitely the sunshine and the beach. Not sure if I can top that this week, so here are a couple of convos from the girls, and some photos:


Jaelan: This is one of the best meals ever! This is good!

Me: Jaelan, I have made this a thousand times.

Jaelan: Well, then, it must not have been good, because it has never tasted this good.

Me: Thanks a lot, Jaelan. SIGH.








Convo 1:

Me: Ok, Terminator, time to get out of the bath tub.

Aspen: Not, yet, I’m not done being a mermaid!

Me: ok, 2 more minutes.

Aspen: Ok, because, I, I, I am a golden mermaid, swimming with my friends to explore the wide world. I swim with my tail. *Splashes water with her legs everywhere*

Me: Ok, well, mermaids need to get out of the bath tub so they can go to bed.

Aspen: But I won’t be able to breath if I get out of the ocean! NO!!!

Convo 2:

While playing at the beach last week, the waves knocked Aspen down and she fell into the water and her hair got wet. This is what she yelled out:

“Ahh!! My beautiful, beautiful HAIR!!”

She is going to be a handful when she gets older. SIGH.

Week 33 and 34 Gallery:












































2 thoughts on “Week 33 and 34: Finally, Friday!!

    • Janis Gabriel says:

      That’s crazy! It must have been after we left because the weather report stated it would rain the week we left. I hope you guys still had a great time! 🙂

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