Week 38: Finally, Friday!!


Happy weekend!! The short week was really nice, but busy, as usual.

But, I miss the girls 😦 The house is very quiet and I have no one to order around! Just kidding.

I try not to call (too much or at all) because they are too busy having fun without their parents, but it’s ok, I understand 🙂


Well since the girls are away, this department will be pretty limited. Besides the holiday, catching an Astros/Royals game at the K was pretty nice. The ‘Stros won and swept the Royals, so that is always awesome. I like the Springer kid, he is playing pretty well during the winning streak, which is a welcomed change.

Kauffman Stadium is pretty nice, plus the weather was great, which is always plus for an open stadium. It is also one of the easiest stadiums to maneuver around and find parking at, for me anyways. It’s smaller than Minute Maid, but looks bigger than Wrigley. The crowd was calm and I did see a couple of other Astros fans.



Big Girls:

Jaelan is pretty excited about being able to visit her friends in Houston and that is pretty much all she calls to talk about. And Xavi is still Xavi, but with a really nice tan from all of the swimming that they are doing.


Aspen called me this week and told me that she is ready to come home, but I’m sure she was just being nice. I know she is having a great time with her Mimi and Poppa.

Also, her birthday is coming up and it looks like it will be a Texas celebration.


2 thoughts on “Week 38: Finally, Friday!!

    • Janis Gabriel says:

      I love sports in general and I love going to games in different cities. The Astros are not all that good right now, so you are probably lucky to have only seen them once lately, lol. But they did sweep the Royals up here, so I am good with that 🙂

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