Week 50: Finally, Friday!!


Happy Labor Day! I hope everyone is enjoying their time off from work! Who is bbq-ing today!? The weather here is clearing up, hopefully, just in time for backyard BBQ and drinks. Also, I am not sure if this series will continue after the one year post, which is only 2 weeks away. A weekly post can get a little redundant, maybe we will switch over to a monthly recap instead, we will see where it goes.





Since I missed quite a few weeks of recap, I will include a few highlights: We have had a pretty busy summer, maybe one too many trips to Houston. Aspen and Xavier celebrated birthdays in June and July, and there was a wedding in the family. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Day!!

The girls started school about 2 weeks ago, a week earlier than Texas. Jaelan is now in 7th grade and in middle school, and Xavi is in 5th grade. Jaelan was really excited about getting a locker, she didn’t even care about school supplies, she just wanted locker decorations. Tweens.


Also, Jaelan went to her first ever middle school dance this past Friday. Didn’t school just start? She said that some boy asked her to go to the dance, but she turned him down, and he moved on to the next girl. *Pause* Life needs to chill, like for real.

Jaelan will continue with choir because she loves it and, Xavi has joined the strings at school. Goodness gracious. I hope she likes the basement because that is where she will be practicing! Just kidding. I think it’s great that she wants to learn how to play the violin.

This past week, the girls started their fall sports activities. Jaelan is doing cross country, I’m not yet sure if she knows what that means. But we told her that it’s not one mile, not three miles, but lots and lots of miles. Her first track meet is on the 6th. Xavi is doing soccer, this week was her first week of practice, her first game is on the 6th. Jaelan is getting used running long distances, she is always pooped and hungry when she comes home. We are gonna have to get her more acquainted with a high carb diet. Xavi is getting used to big girl soccer. So, drills and fundamentals. She is playing for an U11 team, and yes, she is the smallest kid on the team. The coach loves her energy, she doesn’t seem to get tired, lol. But, she has taken a long break from soccer, so she needs to brush up on her skills.


Aspen started back at day care last week because our schedule is just too crazy to stay with her at home. So, there was a lot of meltdown and tears. She gets all excited and ready to go. But, when we get there to drop her off, she just loses it. One day, the teacher had to pry her off of me, because she was holding on really tight. Poor kid. This too shall pass.























8 thoughts on “Week 50: Finally, Friday!!

    • Janis Gabriel says:

      Yes, a dance, lol. I don’t remember going to any dances in middle school. Her dad took her up there, can you believe it? LOL

  1. DJ says:

    Maria and i live that she picked up cross country:) if she needs mentoring Maria was ranked 2nd in state, Maria also advised that Jaelan find out what her arch is and get the proper shoes..sp she doesn’t get heel spurs. Love that xavie picked up the violin:)

    • Janis Gabriel says:

      Yes, I am glad she picked a running sport, it’s a good sports foundation. When she starts playing tennis or basketball, conditioning won’t be an issue. And, yes, we need to get her some proper running shoes, any suggestions?

  2. oh my, a school dance and boys asking for dance dates already!? the boy sounds like a jerk, so good for your Jaelen! And it’s nice she’s continuing with choir, she has a lovely voice. 🙂 good luck this school year!

  3. I agree, that fool sounds like a buttonhole. But wow, I blinked and all of a sudden Jaelan is tall & in middle school. I hope Xavi has a genuine interest in the violin and soccer and keeps it up way past school or college. I feel like people usually reach a peak and when they realize they have no one to keep tabs on them anymore, they eventually just stop (i.e. ME with the piano). Anyway, hope daycare gets a little easier and the big girls have a great school year!

    • Janis Gabriel says:

      LOL, thank you! But yes, she is. I have no idea where the interest in violin came from, and I hope she sticks with it 🙂 Also, Aspen is obsessed with wanting to play soccer, I told her not until you are five. She didn’t like that answer too much.

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