Hello February!!


Happy February!! Finally, a post for 2015 πŸ™‚ (And hopefully more to come). It helps when you are snowed in or it’s just too cold to get out 😦 Also, Jaelan will become a teenager this month :(…So, we will have a teen, tween, and toddler.


January pretty much breezed by, I am still looking for it, and February started out with a flurry…of snow. Anyways, I hope everyone’s 2015 has been going well so far. I definitely hope to post more than I have been lately. It was a busy/rocky December and January. Also, the second Pitch Bite Club post will be up, soon, I hope.


Jaelan started playing league basketball this season, her first. I am happy to report that she is doing better than expected. She has a knack for the game, and has picked it up pretty quickly. She is one of a few girls who has never played before. Xavier has been practicing and working with her, and that has helped a lot, because he has way more patience than I do. Plus she likes to give me attitude. Pfft!

Aspen left us this past week to go hang out with Mimi and party down in New Orleans for Mardi Gras, lucky kid. Hopefully ,she will send us pictures of the parades and other activities. I am sure she will be all over the place down there.


Xavi got a bunch of Pokemon games and an ipad mini for Christmas, so she has been buried in electronics ever since. We practically have to pry her off of it every night.


Well, that is it for now. There are some new(big) changes happening in the next few weeks/months. Hopefully we can share them on here soon. Cross your fingers and toes.

Have a great Monday and a productive week!!



In my never ending quest for indoor activities during this treacherous(not really) winter, I was encouraged to visit Hallmark’s Kaleidoscope located at Crown Center. So, the girls and I headed over there this past weekend to check it out.


Kaleidoscope is kind of like an art center. It is packed with colorful walls and decorations and lots of paper and crafty materials for kids of all ages and adults to create with. It is also free. As a matter of fact, as I was researching Kaleidoscope and several museums around Kansas City, I noticed that most of them are FREE. This is a big PLUS.

But, back to Kaleidoscope. It is basically a family art session in divided into 40-minutes increments. Tickets are first come, first serve, or until each session is full. You can’t make reservation unless you have a group of 15 or more, so it is best to get there early before each session. We were second in line for our session.

I have to advise that 40 minutes is not nearly enough time, if your kiddos like to actually take their time and create masterpieces, like my big girls. There are several stations, ranging from painting, puzzle making, to melting crayons, and of course card making. My big girls were only able to cover about 2-3 stations. They spent a good amount of time at the painting and card making stations. They were pretty bummed out to have missed the crayon melting and puzzle making stations, so that will be for our next visit.

Aspen covered 2 stations, painting and any station with toddler scissors. When she finished with the painting station, we moved over to a craft station with toddler scissors and that was it for her. She stayed there and maybe 2 more stations with scissors and was content and happy cutting up paper and what not for a good 25 minutes. I tried to get her to make things out of what she was cutting, but she just wanted to cut.

So, overall, the place is pretty neat. Come ready to create with your littles and come early, as each session does get quite crowded, even if it is cold outside. Highly recommended for an indoor activity.


Afterwards, we had dinner at a Kansas City staple, Fritz’s Railroad Restaurant. It’s a cute little restaurant that has been in KC since 1954. The girls thought it was awesome. The place was full of trains and railroad decorations. You place your order on a telephone on your table and an overhead train system delivers your food tray to your table.

Every time someone’s food was delivered, Aspen screamed with excitement. It was hilarious. She wanted every table to get their food. She also rode on a mini train ride and she was pretty excited about it.

Next time you are in Kansas City with your little ones, go visit Kaleidoscope and eat at Fritz’s!! πŸ™‚


Week 13: Finally, Friday!!


It SNOWED, this week. The girls were happy and excited and ecstatic and joyous and jubilant, and I was cold. The End.

Week 13 Highlights:

It was Christmas treeΒ and decorations week for us this week, yay! This is my favorite time of the year, so I am so very happy that it is December and the Christmas festivities are near. So, we are making it more Christmas-y as much as possible at home. And, more or less, we are ready for the holidays.

Jaelan and Xavi have been busy with test, choir practices, and math clubs. So, not much in that department. I did find, Xavi, Youtubing Pokemon evolution videos when she is not playing Pokemon. So, I am now convinced, more than ever, that she is obsessed with Pokemon. YES.


Number 1

On our way home back from Dallas:

Aspen: Mama, can I sit with Daddy in the front (front seat of the vehicle)?

Me: No, Aspen, you have to sit in your car seat. Plus, Daddy is sleeping(he was not).

Aspen: But, he is talking, I can hear him talking. Daddy not sleep-in! *Whimpers and starts to cry*.


Number 2

Me: Aspen, I’m gonna take a nap. *Lays head down*

Aspen: Janis Mama! Wake your ass up! *Slaps me on my forehead*

Me: What the!? *No nap*

Number 3

Me: Itchy, my arms and legs are itchy, Aspen!

Aspen: What’s the cause?

Me: My allergies make me itch

Aspen: You need to take your medicine, Janis.

Week 13 Gallery

This Weekend

Plaza/Union Station Lights

Stockings and Presents(Maybe)

Frozen (the movie, not the weather πŸ™‚ )

Houston Rockets and Houston Cougars on TV

*Will add as activities present themselves from now on*

Week 9: Finally, Friday!!


Happy Friday, Everyone! It was a very busy week at work and at home, but another week closer to the holidays and Xavi’s birthday! πŸ™‚

Week 9 Highlights:


Jaelan started honor choir this week(in addition to regular choir at school, so that’s 2 choir practices a week). Honor choir practices at the big high school, so naturally, she is psyched, but we cautioned her about the new environment and older kids and such.

During our hike last weekend, we walked under a few bridges and this was mentioned,”If we ever become homeless and have to live under a bridge, I will still go to school be the most educated, smartest HOBO in the world!”-Jaelan.

I have no idea where it came from, I am blaming the bridges and the “hobos” that she occasionally sees in the city. I think it’s time for a volunteer activity at a homeless shelter or the local food bank.


Problem 1: Xavi had to make home made key lime pie for her state project(Florida) this week.

Problem 2: I DO NOT make Key Lime Pies or even know what that is, and apparently neither does Walmart.

Solution: I brought her a Lemon Creme Cake(lime and lemon are closely related and cake is like pie, but baked), and I removed the label. She asked me why it wasn’t green(apparently key lime pies are green) and I told her not to worry about it. I hope the teacher gets distracted by the goodness of the cake that she doesn’t notice that it’s not key lime or pie. SIGH. Stupid Walmart bakery. *Crosses fingers*. Good Luck, Xavi!

I am a bad mother cause I don’t know how to make pies, but more so because Walmart does not SELL Key Lime Pies! 😦

Xavi’s birthday is next week and she wants a sewing kit/machine. A SEWING MACHINE. SIGH.


She has been pretty unbearable as of late, more tantrums and fits and outright unmentionable disobedience, and it has nothing to do with day care! She even puts me in time out when she doesn’t get her way. She did manage to make me laugh once, this week, by saying, “Excuse me, I burped”, after every time she farted, err, passed gas…No, kid, you didn’t burp, you farted. But, ok.

Week 9 Gallery

I didn’t have much time to photograph stuff this week, so the gallery is a little short. Enjoy!

This Weekend:

Clay Day

Holiday Photos

The Reading Reptile

Houston Texans, Houston Cougars, and Houston Rockets on tv

Hike! November!


This past weekend turned out to be gorgeous weather wise, so we decided to take advantage, and take a hike, about 4 miles. There was a slight wind and a little chill, but it was very clear and super sunny. Too beautiful for a November up here, I’m told. It was pretty hilly at some points of the hike, so it got to be a little workout pushing the stroller up and down the trail.

Of course, we didn’t embark without a battle. Aspen refused to wear her boots and was insistent on wearing mismatched socks with her ballerina flats. She had a ginormous fit all the way to the car, so I decided to give in and let her win. SIGH. Can’t win them all. So, excuse her mismatched socks and flats in some of the photos.

It was too nice not to take photos of the girls, so I thought I’d share some of them.

Happy Monday and have a great week!
















Wine and Festival

Although we did not make it to the Pumpkin Patch for the umphteenth weekend in a row, the Friday Concert Series at Stone Pillar Vineyard and Winery and the Sprint Family Festival did happen this past weekend.

Here is what we did and what we saw:

Sprint Family Fall Festival: We arrived pretty late, but the girls still had a blast. They had a petting zoo, hay maze, lots and lots of candy, costumed kids everywhere, and a plethora of other activities to destroy an unassuming kid’s energy and will, so it was good fun!

(Hover over photo to read description or enlarge)

Stone Pillar Vineyard and Winery:Β This was pretty interesting, we didn’t expect anything since you know, it’s a winery and we had the girls. Surprisingly, there were other kids there, the music was great, the wine was decent, and a good time was had. Basically, for a small fee, you get a concert under the stars, a picnic, and never ending wine tasting. We decided to get a bottle, just for fun πŸ™‚ This happens every Friday night, for I don’t know how long, so we will be back.Β (The photos are a bit dark, since it was you know, dark outside).

(Hover over photo to read description or enlarge)