Happy, Happy Birthday!!


A happy, happy birthday to my favorite middle child, Xavi!! I cannot believe that you are TEN today. TEN. Double digits!! You love pumpkin bread, so I baked you a loaf this morning, so you can blow your candles. I love how simple yet interesting you are right now. I love that you love video games like your dad, love to read and go to coffee shops like I do, and love learning how to play the violin and soccer. You are not afraid to try new things.


I love that your idea of “shopping”, is being able to buy $30 worth of candy at the candy store in Crown Center and getting a new Pokemon game. And when I asked you what you want to do for your birthday, you answered with, “Can I build a super fort!?”. Yes, you can, but not in the living room 🙂


I hope you stay as humble and as ambitious as you are right now. I love your inquisitive mind and the billion questions that you ask me instead of googling stuff like your big sister does. I love how you don’t ever want to be an adult because you think that adults do too much stuff to “live”, and I love how you say that said you will stay a kid as long as you can 🙂

I also love how you like what you like and you don’t care what other kids/people think of it. That is going to be a very useful quality when you do become an adult, trust me. But most of all, I love how you tell me everything, good, bad, or sad. Don’t ever stop doing that 🙂


Anyways, I hope you like the pumpkin bread(You better!!) and I hope you enjoyed your day with your crazy family. I know you can’t wait to party and have fun with your friends!! 🙂 Happy Birthday, Xavi!!












Kitchen Adventures!

I am going to call these posts as titled, because for those who know me, know that I can’t cook to save my life. I am therefore grateful for a husband to who is culinarily able. I am sure, culinarily, is not a word.

This is something I would like to improve because I am a mom and because three girls need to learn to cook from someone. I did not include this on my expectations list, ba-cause. So, in an effort to improve my culinary (lack of) skills, I am going to share my attempts, good and bad, at “new” food that I would not normally know what or how to cook.

This week, I finally decided to try a one of Bon Appetit Magazine’s recipe, instead of just drooling over their food porn. Don’t get too excited, it’s just a pancake recipe. I gotta start slow 🙂

I also attempted some random recipe I found online with nutella.

Food 1: Peach Dutch Baby Pancake with Strawberry Compote


You can find the recipe here.

The BonApp recipe called for a cherry compote, but I like strawberries better. It turned out pretty good, and the girls ate it, too 🙂

It was a tad bit under cooked in the middle, so it tasted a bit like a crepe in the middle, but with the peach and the strawberry distracting my taste buds, it didn’t matter, it was really good. So, I consider this one a success.

Food 2: Nutella Cake Chewy Bars

I was itching to make something with the untouched Nutella jar in the pantry, and I tripped up on this recipe.

I did not change anything and followed this one to the tee,well minus the chocolate sprinkles. I thought it was under cooked as well, but it is supposed to be chewy and so I guess it was just right. This one was a hit with the whole family and they devoured it, I got pictures, well of Aspen, up there devouring them 🙂

You should try these because these are the easiest recipes that I have ever tried to make and if you mess them up, they might still taste really good! 🙂

I hope to make a series out of these posts, and hopefully, improve in the kitchen 🙂