Running Challenge: Repeat

Week 3: Repeat


Here is this week’s running challenge. Again, another fail for week 2, pretty discouraging. Therefore, this week’s challenge is a repeat of last week, which is 15 miles, again.

This time I was only about 3 miles short of the intended 15, but still short. It was pretty rough from the get go after a week off, but after the last run, I felt much better. No injuries and no blisters, (so I get to keep my yellow shoes), (YAY!), just ran out of time on Saturday. It was a pretty packed day from the beginning, and I was not able to fit in a run.

There is major bad news and a major set back: I waited too long to register for the Kansas City Half Marathon and pretty much ran out of time. I tried to register this past week, but registration was closed. I thought about doing the full marathon, but Xavier thinks that it might be a bit, you know, cucko, crazy, and I think he might be right. The next one I am going for is the St. Louis Rock and Roll Half Marathon on Oct. 27th. So, for now I am going to continue with the running challenges. I will have to settle for the Kansas City 5K and then the Rock and Roll, the week after. Let us pray that there will be no issues this time, amen.

PS: This Nike+ app, is a pretty great tool. It helps you keep up with your mileage and times, and shows your progress, which is extra nice, especially when it doesn’t feel like you are doing any progressing.

Week 2 Results


Running Challenge: Scale Down

Week 2: Scale Down


Here is this week’s running challenge. The first week was a total fail. I was about 8 miles short of the intended 25 miles. This tells me one of 2 things: too many miles or too little time. I believe the latter was the cause. I know I can get up to 20 in 5 days, so I will consider this my max for now. I have decided to scale down to 15 and work my way up to 20.

Week 1 was a fail in that, not only did I not come close to 25 miles, but I was physically drained, like totally drained, by Thursday, and had blisters on my right foot. So, I decided to take last week off and rest so I don’t burn out (that’s why this week is Week 2 and not 3). It was rough, but I think it was needed, plus life and work were turnt up, yes, turnt up. It was a busy week.

Hopefully, Week 2 will be better and I can be somewhat in shape for the next 5K and shave off a few seconds here and there. Any advice or suggestions are always welcomed. Oh, and I hope, I won’t have to change shoes(blisters) because I really like my yellow shoes. I plan on running in them until they start, “talking”. 🙂

PS: Go away cold weather! I am not used to this!

Week 1 Result:


In 350 words or Less

Today, I had an interesting conversation with a friend. She will probably hang me for this, but I felt strong enough about it to start a new column. Plus it’s my blog, I can write about what I want.

She asked me questions about the new healthcare insurance marketplace that will begin open enrollment next month. She was excited about how it might save her mother a ton of money, because she has a long list of pre-existing conditions. But then, she doubles back and says that she hates Obamacare. So, I’m like, what? She hates Obamacare because she hates Obama. And I’m like, ok, I understand, I do. Also, I am not here to support or defend Obamacare. My point is this type of disparity and inconsistency carries over to the policy makers. I know you are like, duh, what’s new? It’s the nature of politicians and of politics. But at the same time we keep complaining. All we do now a days is complain. What makes this country unique is its ability to adapt and innovate, I thought. I am not suggesting that people abandon their beliefs, I am just proposing that when you see something that has a potential, whether it be a new policy or a new iphone version, give it a chance. It is a freak of system to be able to say that you hate something that will directly benefit you. Obamacare is not the solution to anything, it might even make things worse. But we have beating the same drum for a long time when it comes to health care and its ridiculousness in cost, how bad can it be to see, not necessarily something new, but just something different? Our politicians and our political system needs to challenge and innovate itself when it comes to something like this, just like they challenge the system, the economy, and it’s citizens because the partisan stuff is for the birds and at the end of the day, Obamacare is law.