Week 32: Finally, Friday!!


Happy Easter Weekend! I hope everyone gets a chance to appreciate the importance of this celebration. This week went by a little too slow, but still thankful, especially when you realize how close tragedy can hit. For those who have not had the chance to hear about the Jewish Community Center shooting last Sunday, that center is literally 2 minutes from the building where I go to work every morning. It is so close that when they held the memorial service this past Thursday, there was extra security around our parking lot to ensure safety. But more on this later on another post.



Jaelan had her Talent Show tryout this week and she made it. She sang a Leona Lewis song. One of her favorite artists. She also her final honor choir concert this week. She was pretty sick, but made it through. She has really enjoyed choir this year and is very excited to go on to the middle school level.


Xavi had her state exams this week. She missed one of them because she had a tummy ache, and had to go home early, but she was able to make it up the next day. Silly Xavi.

Also, today is Xavier and I’s 12th wedding anniversary 🙂



Oh, Aspen, here she is, having a break down at the park 🙂

She is excited about going Easter egg hunting later this morning with her Xavi and her friend. One of the things I like about Aspen right now is that she thinks that everyone she meets is her new best friend. She also thinks that everyone who has the same name as her friends are also her best friends, she is funny. Example:

She overhears a lady call her son Aidan. Aspen happens to have a friend named Aidan.

Aspen: Oh, he’s Aidan? Aidan is my best friend, he(she point to the stranger Aidan) is my best friend!

Me; No, Aspen, that’s a different Aidan, he is not your best friend.

Aspen: No, mama, you silly, Aidan is my best friend.

Me: Yes, but, not that Aidan. We don’t know this Aidan, that Aidan is a stranger danger Aidan.

Aspen: Mama, no, Aidan is my best friend. You funny, mama!

You can see where that conversation was going. But I think she got it for the most part. I think it’s cute that kids think that anyone can be their best friend. If they only knew 🙂


Week 32 Gallery:






First Solo!


Jaelan loves to sing. She sings all day, everyday. Music is a very accurate way to describe her. She has been in a school choir ever since she became old enough to join. When she found out we had to move to Kansas, the only thing she was worried about was if the school had a music program. I have no idea where she gets her musical acumen from, probably Xavier, but she is pretty good. I love that she loves music and I love that schools around here are continuing to nurture and prioritize music and fine arts in their curriculum. I hope she continues to love music and uses it for good in her life. And so that being said, last night, at Open House at her school, Jaelan had her first solo part.

About 2 weeks ago, Jaelan tried out for the small solo part in the choir concert and she got it, YAY! She had a great week last week, she had a birthday and she got the solo part that she had been obsessing about. It is also the first solo part that she has ever done, meaning she has never sang by herself in front of people. She was very nervous, but excited at the same time.


Anyway, below is a video of the intro portion of her solo and another, longer video of the rest of the song. I thought she did great, she stood up front like a British Royal guard, I mean she didn’t move a hair. Aspen even cheered her on and called her name out, but Jaelan did not flinch. She said that she was concentrating on her dad’s and our faces in the crowd. After the show, she had several people compliment her on her performance and that gave her such a huge relief. We were proud parents and sisters tagging along. Anyways, hope you enjoy the videos! 🙂 GREAT JOB JAELAN!! YOU ROCK!!


Week 14: Finally, Friday!!


I know, it’s Saturday, again. It was a very tiring and trying week. There were three concerts this week, twice in one night, a delirious, sick, demanding toddler for three days, busy work week, and no posts at all during the week, so bad blogger! But, and this is a big but, we are two weeks away from Christmas 🙂 JOY.

Week 14 Highlights:

Jaelan and Xavi had a lot of activities this week. Well, mostly Jaelan. On Tuesday, Xavi had her recorder concert. YES. You remember those recorders that they used to give you in elementary school? Well, here, they have concerts for them. And it was different. After the kids performed, which was pretty good might I add. The kids passed out (clean)recorders to the audience(Eww.) and taught us a few cords, ending with the audience playing the first 3 songs that the kids played. The audience did well. I thought it was gross, so I didn’t participate. Are you kidding me? Jaelan had math competitions on Wednesday and school choir concert and honor choir concert on the same day on Thursday. The honor choir was with one of the local high school’s annual Winter Concerts, so it was a large audience performance. They take their fine arts seriously around here. Jaelan was so happy and the kids did well, they fit right in with the high school performers. I was all music out by the end of it all.

Conversation with Jaelan:

Me: Zay, have you heard the new R. Kelly album?

Jaelan: R. Kelly is famous because he is a pimp.

Me: What? How do you know he is a pimp?

Jaelan: He is a pimp because he wears a furry coat, a pimp hat, alligator shoes, and he has lots of money.

I like her definition of a pimp. Innocence, I hope she keeps it a while. Plus, it was funny.


I don’t have 2 words for how terrible this kid is when she is pretty sick. Ok, maybe: demanding and outrageous. She was sick from Wednesday to still pending. But, and this is a big but, she is officially potty trained.

Aspen: Janis Mama, I need to potty.

Me: Ok, let’s go. Do you need to pee-pee or poop?

Aspen: I gotta take a shit.


Week 14 Gallery:

Week 10: Finally, Friday!!


Happy Friday, everyone!! Looking forward to the weekend, but more importantly, someone has a birthday this weekend! 🙂 (This is one of my favorite photos of her 🙂 )

Week 10 Highlights:

Things were pretty slow this week, Aspen was a bit under the weather, and it was very cold, so this will be short. Kind of.

Jaelan had her second choir concert this week, the Fall Music Festival. The program was a very sub-par, something between not enough preparation or just nerves maybe? The strings and the band had to re-start several times on the few pieces that they were able to play, but the crowd was very forgiving and appreciative, and the kids were still very cute 🙂 Jaelan was disappointed and embarrassed by the performance, including the choir’s, even though they seemed the most prepared group. I told her that there will be times like that and to forget about it and prepare for the next one. You can’t win them all, so keep playing 🙂

Also, did I mention that someone has a birthday this weekend? 🙂


Aspen needs to be potty trained ASAP, because, she is now taking off her pull ups when she has an accident and then hiding them…..not in the trash. She then puts on new ones and act like nothing happened. This kid kills me. I couldn’t tell you how many pull ups we went through this week. SIGH.

Also, Aspen was out voted on taco night, she voted for pizza. So, we went to a taco place, she gets chicken quesadillas, and she tells us, “My chicken pizza is weally good, y’all!!”. She makes me laugh.

PS: We put together a box for a local organization to send to the motherland. Family are safe. I wish we were closer there, so we can do more.

Week 10 Gallery:

This Weekend: 

A Birthday Party

Xavi’s Requests

Holiday Photos

Third Friday/Waldo/DT

Houston Texans, Houston Cougars, and Houston Rockets on tv

Week 9: Finally, Friday!!


Happy Friday, Everyone! It was a very busy week at work and at home, but another week closer to the holidays and Xavi’s birthday! 🙂

Week 9 Highlights:


Jaelan started honor choir this week(in addition to regular choir at school, so that’s 2 choir practices a week). Honor choir practices at the big high school, so naturally, she is psyched, but we cautioned her about the new environment and older kids and such.

During our hike last weekend, we walked under a few bridges and this was mentioned,”If we ever become homeless and have to live under a bridge, I will still go to school be the most educated, smartest HOBO in the world!”-Jaelan.

I have no idea where it came from, I am blaming the bridges and the “hobos” that she occasionally sees in the city. I think it’s time for a volunteer activity at a homeless shelter or the local food bank.


Problem 1: Xavi had to make home made key lime pie for her state project(Florida) this week.

Problem 2: I DO NOT make Key Lime Pies or even know what that is, and apparently neither does Walmart.

Solution: I brought her a Lemon Creme Cake(lime and lemon are closely related and cake is like pie, but baked), and I removed the label. She asked me why it wasn’t green(apparently key lime pies are green) and I told her not to worry about it. I hope the teacher gets distracted by the goodness of the cake that she doesn’t notice that it’s not key lime or pie. SIGH. Stupid Walmart bakery. *Crosses fingers*. Good Luck, Xavi!

I am a bad mother cause I don’t know how to make pies, but more so because Walmart does not SELL Key Lime Pies! 😦

Xavi’s birthday is next week and she wants a sewing kit/machine. A SEWING MACHINE. SIGH.


She has been pretty unbearable as of late, more tantrums and fits and outright unmentionable disobedience, and it has nothing to do with day care! She even puts me in time out when she doesn’t get her way. She did manage to make me laugh once, this week, by saying, “Excuse me, I burped”, after every time she farted, err, passed gas…No, kid, you didn’t burp, you farted. But, ok.

Week 9 Gallery

I didn’t have much time to photograph stuff this week, so the gallery is a little short. Enjoy!

This Weekend:

Clay Day

Holiday Photos

The Reading Reptile

Houston Texans, Houston Cougars, and Houston Rockets on tv

Week 7: Finally, Friday!!


Happy Friday!! Glad it’s Friday, as usual, but I needed another day and a half for work! It was a pretty busy and exhausting week, but what else is new, right? The only thing that pretty much happened from the weekend list, was 2/3 Halloween costumes, Jaelan couldn’t find one. This pumpkin patch visit is becoming very elusive, but at least it made it to the list, which means it ain’t happening 🙂

Week 7 Highlights:


After 7 weeks of tears and protests, Aspen has finally gotten used to, and I assume, understand the role of daycare in her life: it is a necessary evil. So, she has given up on crying and protesting for more sleep every morning. Of course there is catch. She has to have one of her 3 princesses, tinkerbell erasers, in her pocket. But who cares, just glad that she is now comfortable with daycare. WOOT.

Aspen’s new favorite word this week: Probably.

Example: “I going to sleep in your bed, probably”, which means, definitely.

This week, “Chey Chey” apparently went on a rampage and punch/hit a couple or four kids in her class. Aspen was one of them. On the mouth, big top lip. She told me about it, I asked her did she hit her back, she said no. I told her next time to punch her back like she punches the punching bag at home, no regrets. She said, OK. You will NOT be BULLIED. And I am not ashamed.

Jaelan and Xavi:

Jaelan had her first choir festival on Tuesday(see video snippet below, they are the group in the white). In Kansas, they are serious about their choir. It was pretty impressive compared to the choir program back home. Unfortunately, they would not let us get close for photos, so what I have is it 😦

Xavi passed up her dad on Diablo III and that’s it. SIGH.

PS: We had game night with new friends for the first time since we moved here. It was great.

Week 7 Gallery

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*VSCO processed photos uploaded to wordpress kind of funky, I apologize in advance for the poor quality. Any advice on how to counter this issue will be greatly appreciated*

This Weekend:

Reading Reptile

Hoots and Howl

UH Cougars Football and Houston Rockets on tv

Week 5: Finally, Friday!!

What day is it!? IT’S FRIDAY!!! That means the weekend is here!! YAY!!!

Week 5 Highlights:

Not much on this department. Week 2 of potty training is chugging along. Tuesday had two poops in the potty, while Thursday saw 6 pairs of wet panties, so very much a work in progress. Week 5 of day care, way better in the morning and playing nicer with other kids. YAY!

Jaelan made Honor Choir, double YAY!

Xavi checked out a cupcake book, significance? It’s not Pokemon related, more YAY!

Also, I almost lost my life today: A bug (a big bug) flew into my (left) eye while I was running, and I panicked, so I closed (both) my eyes, while still running of course, and blindly batting the bug out of my eye, while yelling, “Ahhhh!!”. So, I blindly ran off of the sidewalk and almost ended up running into on coming traffic. Luckily there weren’t too many cars, some stopped, and my life and well being was spared. All is well. Stop laughing.

PS: Remember when I told you that Aspen says, “pumpkin”, the wrong way? See video below 🙂

Week 5 Gallery:

Video: Aspen trying to say, “Pumpkin”, but instead it sounds like…..

(Hover over photo for description)

This Weekend:

Pumpkin Patch (this is so my last try)

Stone Pillar Vineyard and Winery Concert Series

Sprint Family Fall Festival

Kansas City Instameet

Westport Coffeeshop

Cougars and Texans Football on tv