Hike! November!


This past weekend turned out to be gorgeous weather wise, so we decided to take advantage, and take a hike, about 4 miles. There was a slight wind and a little chill, but it was very clear and super sunny. Too beautiful for a November up here, I’m told. It was pretty hilly at some points of the hike, so it got to be a little workout pushing the stroller up and down the trail.

Of course, we didn’t embark without a battle. Aspen refused to wear her boots and was insistent on wearing mismatched socks with her ballerina flats. She had a ginormous fit all the way to the car, so I decided to give in and let her win. SIGH. Can’t win them all. So, excuse her mismatched socks and flats in some of the photos.

It was too nice not to take photos of the girls, so I thought I’d share some of them.

Happy Monday and have a great week!
















Week 7: Finally, Friday!!


Happy Friday!! Glad it’s Friday, as usual, but I needed another day and a half for work! It was a pretty busy and exhausting week, but what else is new, right? The only thing that pretty much happened from the weekend list, was 2/3 Halloween costumes, Jaelan couldn’t find one. This pumpkin patch visit is becoming very elusive, but at least it made it to the list, which means it ain’t happening πŸ™‚

Week 7 Highlights:


After 7 weeks of tears and protests, Aspen has finally gotten used to, and I assume, understand the role of daycare in her life: it is a necessary evil. So, she has given up on crying and protesting for more sleep every morning. Of course there is catch. She has to have one of her 3 princesses, tinkerbell erasers, in her pocket. But who cares, just glad that she is now comfortable with daycare. WOOT.

Aspen’s new favorite word this week: Probably.

Example: “I going to sleep in your bed, probably”, which means, definitely.

This week, “Chey Chey” apparently went on a rampage and punch/hit a couple or four kids in her class. Aspen was one of them. On the mouth, big top lip. She told me about it, I asked her did she hit her back, she said no. I told her next time to punch her back like she punches the punching bag at home, no regrets. She said, OK. You will NOT be BULLIED. And I am not ashamed.

Jaelan and Xavi:

Jaelan had her first choir festival on Tuesday(see video snippet below, they are the group in the white). In Kansas, they are serious about their choir. It was pretty impressive compared to the choir program back home. Unfortunately, they would not let us get close for photos, so what I have is it 😦

Xavi passed up her dad on Diablo III and that’s it. SIGH.

PS: We had game night with new friends for the first time since we moved here. It was great.

Week 7 Gallery

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*VSCO processed photos uploaded to wordpress kind of funky, I apologize in advance for the poor quality. Any advice on how to counter this issue will be greatly appreciated*

This Weekend:

Reading Reptile

Hoots and Howl

UH Cougars Football and Houston Rockets on tv

Wine and Festival

Although we did not make it to the Pumpkin Patch for the umphteenth weekend in a row, the Friday Concert Series at Stone Pillar Vineyard and Winery and the Sprint Family Festival did happen this past weekend.

Here is what we did and what we saw:

Sprint Family Fall Festival: We arrived pretty late, but the girls still had a blast. They had a petting zoo, hay maze, lots and lots of candy, costumed kids everywhere, and a plethora of other activities to destroy an unassuming kid’s energy and will, so it was good fun!

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Stone Pillar Vineyard and Winery:Β This was pretty interesting, we didn’t expect anything since you know, it’s a winery and we had the girls. Surprisingly, there were other kids there, the music was great, the wine was decent, and a good time was had. Basically, for a small fee, you get a concert under the stars, a picnic, and never ending wine tasting. We decided to get a bottle, just for fun πŸ™‚ This happens every Friday night, for I don’t know how long, so we will be back.Β (The photos are a bit dark, since it was you know, dark outside).

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Costumes, Candy, and…Church?

October is upon us, which means a few things around here: the holiday season is near, pumpkin spice latte, my mom’s birthday, but more importantly(I am kidding mother), Halloween!

Halloween is a favorite in my household. I mean, why wouldn’t it be? You get to dress up in an uber awesome costume AND you get lots and lots of candy to get candy wasted on, whether you are a kid or a grown up.

Every year, the girls get to have costumes and candy. The manner in which they get to is not always the same. I was brought up in a church, Christian/Baptist, you get the idea, which means that we didn’t do the scary costumes and the “trick o’ treating” thing, well not that I can remember anyways. In fact, I don’t remember doing anything around Halloween until I was way older. What we had instead, or later on, was a church festival alternative(or we got nothing). Everyone got to dress up in non-scary costumes, enjoy activities and games, and get lots and lots of candy. But more importantly, the kids loved it. It served it’s purpose and actually, I much preferred it. Despite many pitfalls, I do have a lot of respect for religion and beliefs, mines and yours(grammar?). So, knowing a little history and what Halloween ultimately represents, I much prefer the church’s way of diverting kids from the celebration, without taking away the fun.

My husband on the other hand(not that its bad or anything), is your traditional, commercialized, Halloween celebrator. He loves the whole shebang of scary ghouls and monster costumes, scaring (little) people, and coming home with pounds and pounds of candy. And he loves the same for his kids, he loves to take them trick or treating and enjoying the candy corns with them. I think it’s too cold outside.

So, without delving into a religious debate, Halloween is one of those celebrations, where we kind of compromise or try to. One year, they get to go trick or treating and the next year they get to go to Hallelujah Festival at church, which by the way has gotten so much bigger and grander nowadays. In other words: We alternate. This year, because we are in a new city and we have yet to find a home church, they get to go trick or treating. When we first started, of course, Hallelujah Night was not as fun as trick or treating, but over the years it has evolved into an all out celebration for a lot of different churches. So, the whining and complaining when it is church year has definitely subsided, and they would even try to figure out how they can do both in one night.

Halloween is a very tricky celebration. It’s like people know what it means, but it’s more acceptable to ignore that part and just have fun. In addition, it is so over commercialized like a bazillion other “holidays”, that it’s hard not to just go with the roll, especially for those who has children. I think that there is a good way to compromise in this situation, if allowed. My older kids had a lot of questions and a lot of complaints, but I think now they understand and they get it. I’m sure they are still all about the costumes and the candy, but when they get older they will try to figure out why we had church year and they will have some sort of basis. You gotta get them where you can and I think that little basis can make some sort of impact later on. And you thought it was just Halloween.

Here are a couple of Halloween alternatives that I like if you are in Houston, TX:

Houston First Baptist’s First FestΒ (South Loop Campus)

Praise Christian Church Hallelujah Night

The Kansas City Ren Fest

The 35th KC Renaissance Festival (09-21-2013)

A couple of Saturdays ago, we went the 35th Kansas City Renaissance Festival at Bonner Spring, KS.

It was a little more scaled down compared to the Texas Ren Fest, but it was just as great and we had a good time, albeit sore feet and a cranky Aspen from all of the walking.

Here is how it went and some of what we saw:

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The Plaza Art Fair

The 82nd Plaza Art Fair (09-20-2013)

Last Friday, the family and I went to the 82nd Plaza Art Fair at the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, MO.

Here is how it went and what we saw:

(I was not able to take that many photos of the art because they gave us stinky faces, wagged their stubby fingers, and/or growled at people who took photos of the art. So no bueno. Instead you get to see a lot of “us” in the photos! πŸ™‚ Also, it was night time so the photos are a bit on the dark side and taken with my handy dandy iphone 4, no I have yet to upgrade. App used was Visual Supply Company.)

Running Challenge: Across the Pond

Week 1 of 4

Today is the first day of fall. YAY! I don’t exactly know who gets to decide when Summer ends and Fall begins, but I am glad it is here. Three things I like about fall are: football, fitness(running), and festivals. Not necessarily in that order. Fall weather is awesome for running events, cause less people are prone to falling out from the heat, so that means all of the awesome running events happen in the Fall. This year, I’ll be missing a few staple runs, but, I will get to do some new runs in a different city.

After taking a short hiatus from running back in May, due to a health issue(allergies, lots of hives and itching), I started back up, and have been running again for about 2 months now. I am running 5 days a week, and have gotten up to 20 miles a week. The goal is to run the Kansas City Half Marathon, and get back into running events. I’ve only ran one half marathon, 2013 Aramco Houston Half Marathon, and I did ok (2:45) for not training properly or at all. (Don’t judge my time I have only been running since October 2011, and quite frankly, 16 year old me would probably die at all of this running that I am doing. So, hush!)

Since I started running again, I decided to switch from the Runkeeper app to the Nike+ app, and discovered an awesome feature: You can create running challenges and invite friends to participate. As such, in my attempt to train my body to run longer and farther, I’ve challenged myself to add a mile here and there every week until the run on October 19. This week’s challenge was accepted by my cousin, all the way from the motherland, the Philippines. So, not only do I get try to see if I can run 25 miles this week, which I have never done before, but I get to do it with friends and/or family who lives across the world. YAY!! If you want to join me in my quest, feel free to let me know and I will extend the challenge to you! YAY! So, wish me luck and I will TRY to update my weekly mileage to see if I meet each challenges and shave time off of my half marathon time!!


Sidenote: I am also hoping to get Jaelan to start running with me, because of my fear of fat(TM) for her. She started running today. Another YAY!

2012 and 2013 Running Gallery:

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