Week 26: Finally, Friday!!


Happy weekend! Woot! I don’t know about you, but that week went by freaking fast! And now it is almost Spring Break, for the girls, I mean.


It was a fairly uneventful week, so just a couple of notes on the regular. Good things happening for Xavier at work. If you see him around or on the internet(rarely), tell him Congratulations, Good Job, and Keep up the good work! πŸ™‚

Jaelan was under the weather this week, some sort of tummy boo-boo. But she is recovering appropriately. It seems like every week someone in this house is under the weather, but thank goodness, they go by quickly. Also, she told me that she wants to touch Anthony Davis’s eyebrowns, this is what she used to call eyebrows as toddler.

Xavi is as usual, she has a scrabble tournament coming up and I am giving her a few secret words that will help her to destroy and conquer πŸ™‚

Jaelan Quote: “If we get stuck at the playground during a blizzard, we can all squish together inside one of the round tube-slides to keep warm and survive”. I think she will do great in the wild.


No comments.

Ok, maybe a couple of notes. She is challenging my parenting skills, or highlighting my lack thereof.

And then she wants to start taking tumbles and spills that test my heart’s ability to stop beating and then beat again. Not fun.

Maybe next week will be better.

The End.

Week 26 Gallery:

Week 21: Finally, Friday!!


Happy, Saturday! Another day behind Friday post πŸ™‚ Awesomeness!

Week 21 Highlights:

Jaelan has been pretty busy with school work and clubs so she’s been pretty boring this week. I kid. She also started working out with her dad and I. Surprisingly, she is pretty motivated. She even got an attitude when she thought she was kicked her out of the home gym in favor of her school work. She got over it quickly.

Xavi had an interesting week. She was stressing and dreading her school’s Kansas Day, which was this week, because they were required to Square Dance. In front of people, she said. And y’all know Xavier and I don’t square dance, so, she was alone in this one. I did volunteer to help serve lunch to her whole grade , I was the dinner roll lady. So, I got to see her try to square dance. This is how it went:


Aspen is all about her dad and Bavion(Xavi) right now. She only comes to me or wants to hang out with me when she gets in trouble with her dad or when she gets in trouble period.

Like when she decided to draw on my face while I napped one day this week. A hint of her face art stayed after several facial scrubbings. GRRR, Aspen, GRRRR! But that did not satisfy her hunger for art, because she decided to draw on a wall. So, she got in more trouble with me and she ran to Xavi, cause Xavier wasn’t home.

She has also been uber hyper this week, like overdrive, she is everywhere! Not sure if it is the sweets and cookies, or she is just crazy, like her dad. Not sure. She breaks out in dance moves when she hears her favorite music. See:

So, indoor activity puzzle edition was a total FAIL because it required her to sit down.

No uber funny convos with her this week, but lots of funny phrases/words. Here is one:

“Janis! Janis! My name is Dr. Aspen and I am doing check-ups, I need my sketoscope!”

PS: We had a company party this week and the theme was, A Beach Getaway. Mean while, I had to fight the Ice Villain that devoured my car cause it was too damn cold degrees outside. But, the party was nice and refreshing. They had virgin mangoritas. The End.

PSS: Excuse the video quality, it’s only iPhone.

Week 21 Gallery:

Week 20: Finally, Friday!!


Happy Friday!! Another week gone by and another week older! HA!

Week 20 Highlights:


This week, we had Jaelan’s middle school tour and enrollment meeting. MIDDLE SCHOOL. My big girl will be in 7th grade next semester, I am getting OLD or WISER! πŸ™‚ I still can’t believe it! She was so excited! What was she excited about? LOCKERS! She is excited to get a locker next year and psyched that the school has 3 floors. She is afraid she will get lost. I laughed.


She sang a song about Pokemon. It goes something like this (Tune of Milkshake by Kelis, yes, that Milkshake)

“My Pokemon brings all the nerds to the yard,

and they’re like, do you wanna trade cards,

dang right, I want your Charizard…”




Minor victory this week: One week with big girl panties(no pull-up) to bed and one week of waking up dry. I now consider her potty trained, so if she has an accident, she will be reprimanded.

An Aspen and Jaelan indoor activity: A dancing app on Jaelan’s iPad:

Week 20 Gallery:

Have an AWESOME weekend!! πŸ™‚

Week 13: Finally, Friday!!


It SNOWED, this week. The girls were happy and excited and ecstatic and joyous and jubilant, and I was cold. The End.

Week 13 Highlights:

It was Christmas treeΒ and decorations week for us this week, yay! This is my favorite time of the year, so I am so very happy that it is December and the Christmas festivities are near. So, we are making it more Christmas-y as much as possible at home. And, more or less, we are ready for the holidays.

Jaelan and Xavi have been busy with test, choir practices, and math clubs. So, not much in that department. I did find, Xavi, Youtubing Pokemon evolution videos when she is not playing Pokemon. So, I am now convinced, more than ever, that she is obsessed with Pokemon. YES.


Number 1

On our way home back from Dallas:

Aspen: Mama, can I sit with Daddy in the front (front seat of the vehicle)?

Me: No, Aspen, you have to sit in your car seat. Plus, Daddy is sleeping(he was not).

Aspen: But, he is talking, I can hear him talking. Daddy not sleep-in! *Whimpers and starts to cry*.


Number 2

Me: Aspen, I’m gonna take a nap. *Lays head down*

Aspen: Janis Mama! Wake your ass up! *Slaps me on my forehead*

Me: What the!? *No nap*

Number 3

Me: Itchy, my arms and legs are itchy, Aspen!

Aspen: What’s the cause?

Me: My allergies make me itch

Aspen: You need to take your medicine, Janis.

Week 13 Gallery

This Weekend

Plaza/Union Station Lights

Stockings and Presents(Maybe)

Frozen (the movie, not the weather πŸ™‚ )

Houston Rockets and Houston Cougars on TV

*Will add as activities present themselves from now on*

Week 11: Finally, Friday!!

Yes, I know what you are thinking, it’s Saturday. Well, it took 11 posts, but a Friday post is a day late. I think I did well! πŸ™‚ Happy Saturday! One more week before Thanksgiving Holiday, we are getting excited! I can taste all of the food and awesomeness! πŸ™‚

Week 11 Highlights:

Jaelan and I went to 17th and Summit this past weekend, just the two of us. I am ecstatic to report that she likes to look and shop for, “old and cool things”(antiques). YAY! She purchased an old, silver fountain pen and ink holder for $3. I think she has an antique eye πŸ™‚ She also wants an, “old looking desk” for her room (see photo below). I told her only if she lets me paint it yellow or red πŸ™‚

Xavi did not have a good ending to her week. That is all.

The big girls learned how to play dominoes this week. They were surprised at how much math is involved. Jaelan won round 1. Prepping for Thanksgiving games.


Conversations with Aspen this week:

Number 1

Me: Aspen, whose nose do you have? Daddy’s nose or mommy’s nose?

Aspen: I have Aspen’s nose. My nose, not your nose.

Of course. DUH.

Number 2

Xavier: Look, Aspen it’s a t-rex! (Shows Aspen a t-rex toy while we were at Toys ‘r’ Us)

Aspen: Daddy, das NOT a T-REX! It’s a DINOSAUR!

Of course. DUH.

Number 3

Me: Come here, kid!

Aspen: Mommy, I am not kid, I am Aspen, I told you, aw weady!

Of course. DUH. She must think we are very slow and not smart at all, πŸ™‚ TODDLERS.


Aspen: Mommy, I like monies, I need to get more monies. Mommy can I have 4 monies? (Holds up 4 fingers! )

PS:Β I tried 2 new recipes and 2 cocktail recipes this week: Moroccan chicken and a version of Coq au vin, with white wine. The first one wasn’t so popular, they all gave me a hard time about the cumin smelling like a bag of arm pits, Xavi ate her food with a blanket over her head. She said it tasted good. The Coq au vin was more popular among the masses. The cocktails are a version of the Woodstock cocktail that I found onΒ the CampgroundKC, and vodka sunrise, a take on tequila sunrise, but with vodka. Both were awesome. Recipes later this week.

Week 11 Gallery

This Weekend:

Half Priced Booksgiving Day Celebration

Union Station Lighting Ceremony

Manny Pacquiao vs. Brandon Rios

Houston Dynamo vs. Sporting KC (on tv 😦 ) GO ORANGE!

Houston Texas, Houston Cougars, and Houston Rockets on tv

Week 8: Finally, Friday!!

20131101-160253.jpg 20131101-154856.jpg

Happy FRIDAY, Everyone!!! It has been a pretty good week, with my mom’s birthday and Halloween being highlights.

Also, how awesome is it that November is upon us? The holidays are here and so are the RED CUPS! November is a busy month for us, cause it is Xavi’s and Mimi’s birthday month and Xavier’s favorite holiday, Thanksgiving! UBER YAY!!

Week 8 Highlights:

It was Halloween week, so the (big) girls pretty much lived for Thursday night this week. They were planning all of the evil things that they can do at school with their candy loot.

Also, Jaelan and Xavi refused to carry one of those colorful pumpkin buckets because, and I quote: “This tiny bucket will not produce maximum desired output, I’m bringing a pillow case”-Jaelan. Well, excuse me.

Halloween Night:

Aspen was a little more aware of Halloween activities this year and was a hit with the treat givers:

1. Big girls run up to the door, wait for Aspen to catch up, and then knock.

2. Treat givers open their doors, Aspen yells out,”Twick a Tweet”, grab some candy, throws them in her bag, and tells the treat givers,upon encouragement, “Have good night”, turns, and walks away.

3. Treat givers squeel,”OMG!!!! You are SOOOO cute!!”, and she politely replies, after some encouraging, “Tenchu!(Thank You)”.

This was pretty much every house that we hit up and by the end of it all, the big girls are on to the next house, so we played catch up the whole night.

One gentleman got all the way down on his hands and knees to talk to Aspen. Hilarity(or strange), and she was, “Retty go (Ready to go)”.


PS: My friend and I won the tandem Halloween costume contest at work….cause we were the only tandem. BAM! I was a bar of soap and she was a loofa. What did we win, you ask?


Golden Tickets to the front of the Thanksgiving Feast line. Pffft! Whatever, right? Well, hold on! Apparently, at the Q, by 1030am, the feast line is wrapped around the cafeteria and into the halls. REALLY? This must be some feast, and since this is my first time, I am holding on to my, “Golden Ticket”. POW!

PSS: Good news, I finally figured out who, “Chey Chey” is. If you don’t remember, read this. I’m keeping a close eye out on this kid. She is cute though, and I hope she was just having a bad day.

Week 8 Gallery:

This Weekend:

Crafts and Drafts

First Weekend at West Bottoms

Kansas City Caffeine Crawl

Houston Texans and Houston Rockets on tv.

Great win against USF, COOGS!!

Week 6: Finally, Friday!!

Happy FRIDAY!! Very glad it’s the weekend. It was a busy week at work and it was cold ALL week and it’s only OCTOBER! It is too early to be this cold! I hope this is fake cold weather and it goes away until December.SIGH. I can hope.

Week 6 Highlights:


Her vocabulary, while fairly advanced for her age, is still primitive when it comes to more difficult words, like spaghetti. This week, her word for spaghetti is a little closer to the actual word:

Before this week: spaghetti/noodles = yew

This week: spaghetti = comegettis.

Progress is awesome πŸ™‚

On Tuesday, I snuck up on her when she was unbelievably quiet in our room, and this is what the big girls and I found:




It’s Friday, and after 3 days of washing her hair, it’s still GREASY.

Jaelan and Xavi:

Jaelan and I got ourselves matching boots this week, HERS is a size 7 in women’s and mine is a 6.5 in girls. How did this happen?

One of the girls revealed to me that, one time, when their armpit smelled like garlic or onion, they tried to lick it to see if it taste like garlic or onion, they succeeded. I was speechless. GROSS. Can you guess which one?

I went to my room and LAUGHED and LAUGHED, silently, then I went back down and lectured about not licking armpits cause of gross germs and such. I can’t make this up.

Convo with one of them:

Me: What is an iambic pentameter?

Response: (And confidently, might I add), It is the sound the refrigerator makes in the middle of the night. *Walks away before I can correct her*.

Me: Huh? What? SIGH.

I am slightly concerned, but they brought home all A’s this week, so, I am good for now.

PS: Jaelan said that there’s a boy in her class named James(changed), but he calls himself, Tina. Why?

I need answers to these questions.

Week 6 Gallery:

(Hover over the photo for description)

This Weekend:

Costume Buying

Pumpkin Patch. SIGH.

Hoots and Howl

Boo at the Zoo

2013 KC Whiskey Tour (Maybe)

UH Cougars and Texans vs. Chiefs football on tv.

*Good Luck to all of the 2013 Kansas City Marathon and Half Marathon runners. Stay Safe. IT IS COLD OUT THERE*


Week 5: Finally, Friday!!

What day is it!? IT’S FRIDAY!!! That means the weekend is here!! YAY!!!

Week 5 Highlights:

Not much on this department. Week 2 of potty training is chugging along. Tuesday had two poops in the potty, while Thursday saw 6 pairs of wet panties, so very much a work in progress. Week 5 of day care, way better in the morning and playing nicer with other kids. YAY!

Jaelan made Honor Choir, double YAY!

Xavi checked out a cupcake book, significance? It’s not Pokemon related, more YAY!

Also, I almost lost my life today: A bug (a big bug) flew into my (left) eye while I was running, and I panicked, so I closed (both) my eyes, while still running of course, and blindly batting the bug out of my eye, while yelling, “Ahhhh!!”. So, I blindly ran off of the sidewalk and almost ended up running into on coming traffic. Luckily there weren’t too many cars, some stopped, and my life and well being was spared. All is well. Stop laughing.

PS: Remember when I told you that Aspen says, “pumpkin”, the wrong way? See video below πŸ™‚

Week 5 Gallery:

Video: Aspen trying to say, “Pumpkin”, but instead it sounds like…..

(Hover over photo for description)

This Weekend:

Pumpkin Patch (this is so my last try)

Stone Pillar Vineyard and Winery Concert Series

Sprint Family Fall Festival

Kansas City Instameet

Westport Coffeeshop

Cougars and Texans Football on tv


Week 4: Finally, Friday!!

Yay, another week in the bag! This was a slow and drooling week. I did not get to do any running cause I decided to rest, so I have a lot of catching up to do this weekend.

None of the listed events on Week 3 post (except football and the Market) happened due to rain, so we will try again this weekend. Let us pray the TEXANS WIN. Amen? Amen.


Aspen had way too many new smart aleck remarks this week for me to keep up with. They consist mostly of command phrases that end with, give me that!(finger point), now!(frown face and finger point to the floor), right now!(sad face), come here, i don’t care(frown face and foot stomp), and more finger pointing. Finally, you should hear her say, “pumpkin bread”, it sounds like…yep, that’s right, not, “pumpkin”. These will have to be corrected and dealt with immediately.

Aspen started potty training, well tried. Daunting, straining, and hilarious. Fail so far (see photo below).

Week 4 of daycare was way better…cause she only went for 2 days. So not so many tears, but they are still definitely there. This week, Aspen decided that she likes bananas and pumpkin muffins. I made 8 muffins and she ate 5 of them…FIVE in 2 days. She is also getting better with titty, she still tells it to back up off of her, but when she sees her struggling, she will pick her up and help her out.

Jaelan’s choir try out is today, wish her luck!

Xavi is like level 20 something on Diablo III. She and her dad have been playing without me. They left me like 2 weeks ago, I am level 13.

Week 4 Gallery:

(Hover over photo for description)

This Weekend:

First Friday

West Bottoms First Weekend (Maybe)

Pumpkin Patch

Coffee Girls

Texans vs. 49ers on tv

*No running challenge this week*

Enjoy your weekend! πŸ™‚

Week 2: Finally, Friday!

YAY, it is what!? FRIDAY!! It was another hectic and busy one, but I found the time and energy to snap some shots of half of the family.

Week 2 Highlights:

According to Aspen: I will now be called, “Danis Mommy”, in that order, and Mimi(Grandma) will now be called T-Londa. Everyone else retains their names.When asked where she is from, she replies, “I am from Aunt Wanda’s house” and not from, Houston, TX.

Jaelan and Xavi wants to know why I feed them like, “Mexican luchador wrestlers”. I told them because they eat like “Japanese sumo wrestlers”. BAM!

We got a new pet. Can you guess what it can possible be? Pics coming soon. I guess it’s cute and stuff.

Week 2 Gallery:

(Click on photo to view)

This Weekend:

2013Β Plaza Art Fair

2013Β Kansas City Renaissance Festival

Quay Coffee Shop and Oddly Correct (cause they are giving away free prints to the first 100 customers on Saturday).

Hope you have a great weekend!

Enjoy and hopefully stay dry!!