Week 39: Finally, Friday!!


Happy Weekend! What are y’all doing this weekend? We went down to Austin and Houston this past weekend and it was really nice to see friends and family and MY GIRLS!! Aspen was being mean to me and only wanted her dad, but she came around….when he had to go to the bathroom. Whatever, she loves me.

Since the girls are off for the summer, I had envisioned myself being able to do so much around the house, but it’s not the case. Unfortunately, all I have been doing is eating, sleeping, drinking, and repeat. Not that it’s a bad thing, but I need to get on a million of these house work or before I know it, it will be back to school time again!



It is very uneventful around here sans children.We went down to Texas to visit. Highlights were family, friends, baby Santana(that’s him down there with Xavier), Noah(that’s him up there smiling at brunch), and the poker game until the sun came up. FYI: Don’t play Poker with the Ogoes, you will lose your money. We tried Ramen Tatsu-ya in Austin and Xavier was mad because he was still hungry.


Xavier and I checked out the Summer of Sounds in the Park Concert at Park Place. I am also partaking in Negroni Week, so far I have tried Parisi Coffee’s Cafe Negroni and Julep KC’s Negroni. Still on my list are Barrel 31’s and Snow and Co’s. I was also able to finally check out the Food Truck Rally at First Friday. Xavier had to work, so I dragged a friend along. The lines were uber long so we tried Thai Place on Pennsylvania Ave instead. The food was excellent, but the service was not acceptable, and I will leave it at that. Finally, running has been non-existent this week, just like house work. But I did register for the Aramco Houston Half Marathon lottery. I hope I get picked again!

The Girls

The girls are at their Nana Bubu’s right now(I think), but they spent last weekend with their Tita Paris and Jonathan. Paris reports that they had a blast during their sleepover and it gave her insight into what having 3 kids is like. She said they were very good and even made their beds the next day ๐Ÿ™‚ What!? They don’t do that at home! Xavi got Pokemon cards, Boogie got art supplies, and Terminator got a Team Umizoomi book. They built forts, played lots, ย and ordered Chinese, ย because the girls love Chinese food. We are still trying to work out West Virginia into this summer, I really hope it happens. I want to shoot targets and birds and 4 wheel my afternoons away into the woods. And I want to squeeze in McAfee Knob in there somewhere. I am sure my boss will start giving me the side eye with all of these requests that I am submitting. But it is summertime!

Also, Aspen told her Poppa that Jax ate a bad bone and got sick, so now she needs a new puppy ๐Ÿ˜ฆ More on that later ๐Ÿ˜ฆ




We passed by a drag show at Hamburger Mary’s, but we were too focused on the food trucks, so next time drag show, next time ๐Ÿ™‚





Week 33 and 34: Finally, Friday!!


Hope everyone had a great weekend! Though it is with a weary heart that I inform you that the Houston Rockets season ended unexpectedly, on Friday ๐Ÿ˜ฆ It was an awesome series and good luck to the Trailblazers.




This week’s post is 2 weeks worth, since we were out in Florida for last week and didn’t do a Friday post. It was a late Spring Break trip for the girls and the family. The weather down there was excellent, lots of sunshine and the water was awesome. Clear and clam for the most part. The girls were so happy to be at the beach, they swam and played the whole time. We had a great time and was very thankful to have been able to get away from Kansas weather. We also made a stop in Nashville, which surprisingly had lots to offer than I expected and super friendly folks. Some places we were able to visit were Crema, the Broadway Strip, and Slider House. We missed out on Barista Parlor and Pinewood Social due to the weather, maybe next time.




Last week’s highlight was definitely the sunshine and the beach. Not sure if I can top that this week, so here are a couple of convos from the girls, and some photos:


Jaelan: This is one of the best meals ever! This is good!

Me: Jaelan, I have made this a thousand times.

Jaelan: Well, then, it must not have been good, because it has never tasted this good.

Me: Thanks a lot, Jaelan. SIGH.








Convo 1:

Me: Ok, Terminator, time to get out of the bath tub.

Aspen: Not, yet, I’m not done being a mermaid!

Me: ok, 2 more minutes.

Aspen: Ok, because, I, I, I am a golden mermaid, swimming with my friends to explore the wide world. I swim with my tail. *Splashes water with her legs everywhere*

Me: Ok, well, mermaids need to get out of the bath tub so they can go to bed.

Aspen: But I won’t be able to breath if I get out of the ocean! NO!!!

Convo 2:

While playing at the beach last week, the waves knocked Aspen down and she fell into the water and her hair got wet. This is what she yelled out:

“Ahh!! My beautiful, beautiful HAIR!!”

She is going to be a handful when she gets older. SIGH.

Week 33 and 34 Gallery:












































Week 22: Snow Days!!!


On Monday, everyone at work was talking about the storm that was coming on Tuesday morning. Sure enough, on Tuesday, we had our first, “snow storm”, here in Kansas. It snowed from 9am on Tuesday morning to about 8am on Wednesday morning, non-stop. I believe final measurements, according to varying sources were, snowfall of between 10 to 15 inches. School has been out since Tuesday, and I finally went back into the office on Thursday, Xavier did not get any snow days.



So, what did we do? Well aside from being stuck in the house, the girls played in the storm, tried to build an igloo, and I joined them once I finished working. Aspen played for bit, but she loathes the snow for the most part, and it didn’t help that she fell off of her wagon face down into the powdery snow.But, she is okay, and she would not walk on the snow afterwards. I’m sure our neighbors who were out shoveling snow probably thought we were crazy ๐Ÿ™‚

The girls put their Colorado outfits on (thats what we call our snowboard/ski pants) and we played in that snow like we had never seen snow before. We’ve technically seen more snow than this, we just never had it in our front/backyards.


The girls have been playing outside in the snow everyday since Tuesday, they are loving it! Lots of snow angels and snow ball fights. I am very surprised at how quickly they are adapting to the cold, I guess all of their energy keeps them warm, because they don’t need as many layers as I do. Unfortunately, Xavier had to work both days, so he missed all of the fun. Here are a few photos and a very short video from Snowmageddon 2014.

















In my never ending quest for indoor activities during this treacherous(not really) winter, I was encouraged to visit Hallmark’s Kaleidoscope located at Crown Center. So, the girls and I headed over there this past weekend to check it out.


Kaleidoscope is kind of like an art center. It is packed with colorful walls and decorations and lots of paper and crafty materials for kids of all ages and adults to create with. It is also free. As a matter of fact, as I was researching Kaleidoscope and several museums around Kansas City, I noticed that most of them are FREE. This is a big PLUS.

But, back to Kaleidoscope. It is basically a family art session in divided into 40-minutes increments. Tickets are first come, first serve, or until each session is full. You can’t make reservation unless you have a group of 15 or more, so it is best to get there early before each session. We were second in line for our session.

I have to advise that 40 minutes is not nearly enough time, if your kiddos like to actually take their time and create masterpieces, like my big girls. There are several stations, ranging from painting, puzzle making, to melting crayons, and of course card making. My big girls were only able to cover about 2-3 stations. They spent a good amount of time at the painting and card making stations. They were pretty bummed out to have missed the crayon melting and puzzle making stations, so that will be for our next visit.

Aspen covered 2 stations, painting and any station with toddler scissors. When she finished with the painting station, we moved over to a craft station with toddler scissors and that was it for her. She stayed there and maybe 2 more stations with scissors and was content and happy cutting up paper and what not for a good 25 minutes. I tried to get her to make things out of what she was cutting, but she just wanted to cut.

So, overall, the place is pretty neat. Come ready to create with your littles and come early, as each session does get quite crowded, even if it is cold outside. Highly recommended for an indoor activity.


Afterwards, we had dinner at a Kansas City staple, Fritz’s Railroad Restaurant. It’s a cute little restaurant that has been in KC since 1954. The girls thought it was awesome. The place was full of trains and railroad decorations. You place your order on a telephone on your table and an overhead train system delivers your food tray to your table.

Every time someone’s food was delivered, Aspen screamed with excitement. It was hilarious. She wanted every table to get their food. She also rode on a mini train ride and she was pretty excited about it.

Next time you are in Kansas City with your little ones, go visit Kaleidoscope and eat at Fritz’s!! ๐Ÿ™‚


Week 8: Finally, Friday!!

20131101-160253.jpg 20131101-154856.jpg

Happy FRIDAY, Everyone!!! It has been a pretty good week, with my mom’s birthday and Halloween being highlights.

Also, how awesome is it that November is upon us? The holidays are here and so are the RED CUPS! November is a busy month for us, cause it is Xavi’s and Mimi’s birthday month and Xavier’s favorite holiday, Thanksgiving! UBER YAY!!

Week 8 Highlights:

It was Halloween week, so the (big) girls pretty much lived for Thursday night this week. They were planning all of the evil things that they can do at school with their candy loot.

Also, Jaelan and Xavi refused to carry one of those colorful pumpkin buckets because, and I quote: “This tiny bucket will not produce maximum desired output, I’m bringing a pillow case”-Jaelan. Well, excuse me.

Halloween Night:

Aspen was a little more aware of Halloween activities this year and was a hit with the treat givers:

1. Big girls run up to the door, wait for Aspen to catch up, and then knock.

2. Treat givers open their doors, Aspen yells out,”Twick a Tweet”, grab some candy, throws them in her bag, and tells the treat givers,upon encouragement, “Have good night”, turns, and walks away.

3. Treat givers squeel,”OMG!!!! You are SOOOO cute!!”, and she politely replies, after some encouraging, “Tenchu!(Thank You)”.

This was pretty much every house that we hit up and by the end of it all, the big girls are on to the next house, so we played catch up the whole night.

One gentleman got all the way down on his hands and knees to talk to Aspen. Hilarity(or strange), and she was, “Retty go (Ready to go)”.


PS: My friend and I won the tandem Halloween costume contest at work….cause we were the only tandem. BAM! I was a bar of soap and she was a loofa. What did we win, you ask?


Golden Tickets to the front of the Thanksgiving Feast line. Pffft! Whatever, right? Well, hold on! Apparently, at the Q, by 1030am, the feast line is wrapped around the cafeteria and into the halls. REALLY? This must be some feast, and since this is my first time, I am holding on to my, “Golden Ticket”. POW!

PSS: Good news, I finally figured out who, “Chey Chey” is. If you don’t remember, read this. I’m keeping a close eye out on this kid. She is cute though, and I hope she was just having a bad day.

Week 8 Gallery:

This Weekend:

Crafts and Drafts

First Weekend at West Bottoms

Kansas City Caffeine Crawl

Houston Texans and Houston Rockets on tv.

Great win against USF, COOGS!!

Wine and Festival

Although we did not make it to the Pumpkin Patch for the umphteenth weekend in a row, the Friday Concert Series at Stone Pillar Vineyard and Winery and the Sprint Family Festival did happen this past weekend.

Here is what we did and what we saw:

Sprint Family Fall Festival: We arrived pretty late, but the girls still had a blast. They had a petting zoo, hay maze, lots and lots of candy, costumed kids everywhere, and a plethora of other activities to destroy an unassuming kid’s energy and will, so it was good fun!

(Hover over photo to read description or enlarge)

Stone Pillar Vineyard and Winery:ย This was pretty interesting, we didn’t expect anything since you know, it’s a winery and we had the girls. Surprisingly, there were other kids there, the music was great, the wine was decent, and a good time was had. Basically, for a small fee, you get a concert under the stars, a picnic, and never ending wine tasting. We decided to get a bottle, just for fun ๐Ÿ™‚ This happens every Friday night, for I don’t know how long, so we will be back.ย (The photos are a bit dark, since it was you know, dark outside).

(Hover over photo to read description or enlarge)

Costumes, Candy, and…Church?

October is upon us, which means a few things around here: the holiday season is near, pumpkin spice latte, my mom’s birthday, but more importantly(I am kidding mother), Halloween!

Halloween is a favorite in my household. I mean, why wouldn’t it be? You get to dress up in an uber awesome costume AND you get lots and lots of candy to get candy wasted on, whether you are a kid or a grown up.

Every year, the girls get to have costumes and candy. The manner in which they get to is not always the same. I was brought up in a church, Christian/Baptist, you get the idea, which means that we didn’t do the scary costumes and the “trick o’ treating” thing, well not that I can remember anyways. In fact, I don’t remember doing anything around Halloween until I was way older. What we had instead, or later on, was a church festival alternative(or we got nothing). Everyone got to dress up in non-scary costumes, enjoy activities and games, and get lots and lots of candy. But more importantly, the kids loved it. It served it’s purpose and actually, I much preferred it. Despite many pitfalls, I do have a lot of respect for religion and beliefs, mines and yours(grammar?). So, knowing a little history and what Halloween ultimately represents, I much prefer the church’s way of diverting kids from the celebration, without taking away the fun.

My husband on the other hand(not that its bad or anything), is your traditional, commercialized, Halloween celebrator. He loves the whole shebang of scary ghouls and monster costumes, scaring (little) people, and coming home with pounds and pounds of candy. And he loves the same for his kids, he loves to take them trick or treating and enjoying the candy corns with them. I think it’s too cold outside.

So, without delving into a religious debate, Halloween is one of those celebrations, where we kind of compromise or try to. One year, they get to go trick or treating and the next year they get to go to Hallelujah Festival at church, which by the way has gotten so much bigger and grander nowadays. In other words: We alternate. This year, because we are in a new city and we have yet to find a home church, they get to go trick or treating. When we first started, of course, Hallelujah Night was not as fun as trick or treating, but over the years it has evolved into an all out celebration for a lot of different churches. So, the whining and complaining when it is church year has definitely subsided, and they would even try to figure out how they can do both in one night.

Halloween is a very tricky celebration. It’s like people know what it means, but it’s more acceptable to ignore that part and just have fun. In addition, it is so over commercialized like a bazillion other “holidays”, that it’s hard not to just go with the roll, especially for those who has children. I think that there is a good way to compromise in this situation, if allowed. My older kids had a lot of questions and a lot of complaints, but I think now they understand and they get it. I’m sure they are still all about the costumes and the candy, but when they get older they will try to figure out why we had church year and they will have some sort of basis. You gotta get them where you can and I think that little basis can make some sort of impact later on. And you thought it was just Halloween.

Here are a couple of Halloween alternatives that I like if you are in Houston, TX:

Houston First Baptist’s First Festย (South Loop Campus)

Praise Christian Church Hallelujah Night

The Kansas City Ren Fest

The 35th KC Renaissance Festival (09-21-2013)

A couple of Saturdays ago, we went the 35th Kansas City Renaissance Festival at Bonner Spring, KS.

It was a little more scaled down compared to the Texas Ren Fest, but it was just as great and we had a good time, albeit sore feet and a cranky Aspen from all of the walking.

Here is how it went and some of what we saw:

(Hover over photo for description)