Week 36: Finally, Friday!!

Happy weekend!! Another week bites the dust. Also, it’s May and it was in the 40s all week, why?


I figured out what Jaelan is singing at the year end talent show, it’s the number one song in the world. The show is this coming Wednesday, so wish her luck!

Xavi got her glasses this week and she looks so cute. She is still trying to get used to them. It was kind of cool to see her reaction once she put them on. Her first comment:

“Mom, everything looks like HD and 3-D! Those are leaves!!” *Points at a picture across the room*

Then it dawned on me how bad she needed glasses and it made me kind of sad. I gave her bad eyes, even though I don’t wear glasses 😦 And I’m a bad parent for waiting so long to get her glasses 😦 I did not realize how bad her eyes are.

She did have a moment of panic. She was scared that the television looks blurry when she takes her glasses off. I explained to her that, her eyes are adjusting, and that now she knows how clear vision looks with the glasses on.

Now, the next challenge is to teach her how to take care of her glasses. We got her 2 pairs, let’s see how long they last 🙂


Of course once Aspen saw Xavi’s glasses, she quickly let us know that she can’t see, and that she too needs some eyeglasses, so she can see.

Her new phrase this week:

Aspen: Can I have a fruit snack?

Me: No, you already had 2 packs!

Aspen: “That doesn’t make sense!”

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Week 30: Finally, Friday!!


Happy weekend! (Tardy Version). If you are a super nerd like I am, you are extra happy that this weekend is here because Game of Thrones will be back in our lives. It should be illegal for networks to make fans wait over a year for their shows to return. But, that’s just my opinion. I am sure you Scandal fans can sympathize 🙂


The awesomeness factor for the week was Mimi coming to visit us. She flew in and surprised the girls (I lied and told them I was picking up a new pet) 🙂 They were so happy to see her and so were we. We haven’t seen family since the new year. Aspen was all over her Mimi and pretty much didn’t know who I was while she was here. But it’s ok, the girls needed their granny time. She took them shopping and savored every minute she was here. Goodbye was very tearful, especially for Aspen. They will not be coming with me to the airport next time. We are looking forward to the next visit.

Everyone was able to spend some quality time with her this time since Xavier and I both had a day off to spend with her and the girls. Since we have been to a few more places in Kansas City and OPK, we were able to show her a little bit of Kansas City. She got lucky and came on a first weekend, so I showed her around West Bottoms, since I had never been myself. It’s an interesting little part of KC, full of character.


In other happenings, Xavi is pretty much blind. Her teacher advised us that she thinks Xavi needs eye glasses, so to the eye doctor she went. And it didn’t go well, she was getting all of the number and letters mixed up. She definitely NEEDS eye glasses. Xavi also had her year end scrabble tournament this week. The kids in the club practiced towards this final tournament and though she did not place in the top 3, she was still pretty happy about the whole idea of the scrabble club. She likes scrabble and that’s cool with me. You usually have to drag kids into this type of stuff. I love my little nerd babies. Her grade was also supposed to have their state exams this week, but it was cancelled, due to some system issues that the state was having, no re-test dates have been determined. They do that here? In Texas, all hell would break loose before they cancel state exams…..


Finally, thanks to Xavier’s company, he was able to attend the Royals home opener against the White Sox and tail gate with his co-worker. He had a blast, except for one thing: IT WAS FREEZING. I was kind of bummed that I could not go cause it was in the middle of the day on a weekday, and because I am a huge sports fan, but after hearing about the weather, I was glad to be indoors. So, NFL and MLB games are definitely going to be an issue in the cold weather. Kansas City, y’all need a roof on y’all’s stadiums!


Aspen and her sisters went to my friend’s son’s birthday party, Happy Birthday Aiden!! They had a blast. It was a gymnastics theme party. And I am not talking about tots gymnastics. It was a full blown gymnastics gym. Aspen had a blast sliding, jumping and trampolining, and refused to do the zip line. The big girls got to try out the balance beam, the uneven bars, and the zip lines. I thought it was a brilliant theme because of the plethora of activities that the kids can choose from. Might have to try that for the girls, one of these birthdays.

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