Week 32: Finally, Friday!!


Happy Easter Weekend! I hope everyone gets a chance to appreciate the importance of this celebration. This week went by a little too slow, but still thankful, especially when you realize how close tragedy can hit. For those who have not had the chance to hear about the Jewish Community Center shooting last Sunday, that center is literally 2 minutes from the building where I go to work every morning. It is so close that when they held the memorial service this past Thursday, there was extra security around our parking lot to ensure safety. But more on this later on another post.



Jaelan had her Talent Show tryout this week and she made it. She sang a Leona Lewis song. One of her favorite artists. She also her final honor choir concert this week. She was pretty sick, but made it through. She has really enjoyed choir this year and is very excited to go on to the middle school level.


Xavi had her state exams this week. She missed one of them because she had a tummy ache, and had to go home early, but she was able to make it up the next day. Silly Xavi.

Also, today is Xavier and I’s 12th wedding anniversary πŸ™‚



Oh, Aspen, here she is, having a break down at the park πŸ™‚

She is excited about going Easter egg hunting later this morning with her Xavi and her friend. One of the things I like about Aspen right now is that she thinks that everyone she meets is her new best friend. She also thinks that everyone who has the same name as her friends are also her best friends, she is funny. Example:

She overhears a lady call her son Aidan. Aspen happens to have a friend named Aidan.

Aspen: Oh, he’s Aidan? Aidan is my best friend, he(she point to the stranger Aidan) is my best friend!

Me; No, Aspen, that’s a different Aidan, he is not your best friend.

Aspen: No, mama, you silly, Aidan is my best friend.

Me: Yes, but, not that Aidan. We don’t know this Aidan, that Aidan is a stranger danger Aidan.

Aspen: Mama, no, Aidan is my best friend. You funny, mama!

You can see where that conversation was going. But I think she got it for the most part. I think it’s cute that kids think that anyone can be their best friend. If they only knew πŸ™‚


Week 32 Gallery:






Week 31: Finally, Friday!!


Happy weekend! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend πŸ™‚ This week went by extra fast, probably because the weather was glorious πŸ™‚ (Even though it is currently thundering, lightning, and hailing as I write this)


It was a pretty quiet and lazy week, hence the limited amount of photos from the week. The weather this week was so awesome, that we went to the park just about everyday after school/work and just enjoyed that I did not get a chance to do any photo taking. Hence, a limited amount of photos this week πŸ™‚

Jaelan had two state exam days this week. She reports it being okay and not that bad. But then again, she says that about everything, so it’s hard to gauge. So, pray that she did well. I haven’t researched the significance of state exams here in Kansas, but if they are anything like in Texas, one cannot be promoted to the next grade without passing it.

Jaelan is also prepping for her school’s end of the year Talent Show. She won’t tell us what she is singing. I hope she makes it πŸ™‚

As previously stated, Xavi’s state exams has been rescheduled, so she has yet to take them.

Finally, the big whoa this week was the, Rock the Parkway Half Marathon that I decided to run without doing any training for, or rather that crept up on me. More on this on another blog post.



Aspen was pretty good THIS WEEK, and because I was too busy worrying about the run on Saturday, I didn’t get to write down any funny stuff that she said or did, plus there were too many to remember. She did tell me that she has a new favorite word, from one of the shows that she watches. I managed to talk her into telling you guys what it is in the videos below. The first video is of a failed attempt, and the second video is the success. Enjoy!

Week 31 Gallery and Videos:













Week 30: Finally, Friday!!


Happy weekend! (Tardy Version). If you are a super nerd like I am, you are extra happy that this weekend is here because Game of Thrones will be back in our lives. It should be illegal for networks to make fans wait over a year for their shows to return. But, that’s just my opinion. I am sure you Scandal fans can sympathize πŸ™‚


The awesomeness factor for the week was Mimi coming to visit us. She flew in and surprised the girls (I lied and told them I was picking up a new pet) πŸ™‚ They were so happy to see her and so were we. We haven’t seen family since the new year. Aspen was all over her Mimi and pretty much didn’t know who I was while she was here. But it’s ok, the girls needed their granny time. She took them shopping and savored every minute she was here. Goodbye was very tearful, especially for Aspen. They will not be coming with me to the airport next time. We are looking forward to the next visit.

Everyone was able to spend some quality time with her this time since Xavier and I both had a day off to spend with her and the girls. Since we have been to a few more places in Kansas City and OPK, we were able to show her a little bit of Kansas City. She got lucky and came on a first weekend, so I showed her around West Bottoms, since I had never been myself. It’s an interesting little part of KC, full of character.


In other happenings, Xavi is pretty much blind. Her teacher advised us that she thinks Xavi needs eye glasses, so to the eye doctor she went. And it didn’t go well, she was getting all of the number and letters mixed up. She definitely NEEDS eye glasses. Xavi also had her year end scrabble tournament this week. The kids in the club practiced towards this final tournament and though she did not place in the top 3, she was still pretty happy about the whole idea of the scrabble club. She likes scrabble and that’s cool with me. You usually have to drag kids into this type of stuff. I love my little nerd babies. Her grade was also supposed to have their state exams this week, but it was cancelled, due to some system issues that the state was having, no re-test dates have been determined. They do that here? In Texas, all hell would break loose before they cancel state exams…..


Finally, thanks to Xavier’s company, he was able to attend the Royals home opener against the White Sox and tail gate with his co-worker. He had a blast, except for one thing: IT WAS FREEZING. I was kind of bummed that I could not go cause it was in the middle of the day on a weekday, and because I am a huge sports fan, but after hearing about the weather, I was glad to be indoors. So, NFL and MLB games are definitely going to be an issue in the cold weather. Kansas City, y’all need a roof on y’all’s stadiums!


Aspen and her sisters went to my friend’s son’s birthday party, Happy Birthday Aiden!! They had a blast. It was a gymnastics theme party. And I am not talking about tots gymnastics. It was a full blown gymnastics gym. Aspen had a blast sliding, jumping and trampolining, and refused to do the zip line. The big girls got to try out the balance beam, the uneven bars, and the zip lines. I thought it was a brilliant theme because of the plethora of activities that the kids can choose from. Might have to try that for the girls, one of these birthdays.

Week 30 Gallery:

Week 29: Finally, Friday!!


Happy, Saturday!! Another week whizzed through ridiculously fast! March is almost over and crunch time at work will hopefully slow down, lol.


The big girls got plenty of outside time this week. We now welcome the 30s like it ain’t cold. Anything below that is dangerous for outside activities. I am really glad that we live within walking distance to a park, cause the girls can run out there whenever they want to.

Xavi is currently prepping for her first scrabble tournament coming up this Thursday, I know exciting πŸ™‚ I hope she does really well and kicks ass. You can never be too competitive, even(or especially) with brain sports.

Jaelan had a performance in front of the entire 6th grade during lunch yesterday. I am happy to report that she said she received the most applause. I was not able to attend, due to her not telling me about it until Wednesday. She sang, “Happy”, by Leona Lewis, not the one by Pharrell.

Finally, Jaelan asked me if she can ask me a question one day during dinner this week. I was like um, uh, sure…..? She asked: How did the world come about, you know like life and earth and the solar system, and monkey. She said she has a couple of scientific theories about it, which we discussed, but she wanted to know what I thought. I welcome these type of questions over that other one.


Aspen has been missing out on a few park days the last couple of weeks because she has been taking naps, religiously, between 5-7pm. So, when she wakes up, there is barely enough sunlight to go play. I have no idea why she is so exhausted so late in the day. But it is AWESOME! When I get off of work she is knocked out and all is well and quiet and peaceful. Mwahahaha!!

PS: This week, a friend and I got to check out a wine bar I had been eyeing at the River Market. I joined the club and might blog about it after I get a feel(or fill) of the benefits. This is mostly due to my obsession with cocktail/spirits/wine/dranks.

Week 29 Gallery:















Week 21: Finally, Friday!!


Happy, Saturday! Another day behind Friday post πŸ™‚ Awesomeness!

Week 21 Highlights:

Jaelan has been pretty busy with school work and clubs so she’s been pretty boring this week. I kid. She also started working out with her dad and I. Surprisingly, she is pretty motivated. She even got an attitude when she thought she was kicked her out of the home gym in favor of her school work. She got over it quickly.

Xavi had an interesting week. She was stressing and dreading her school’s Kansas Day, which was this week, because they were required to Square Dance. In front of people, she said. And y’all know Xavier and I don’t square dance, so, she was alone in this one. I did volunteer to help serve lunch to her whole grade , I was the dinner roll lady. So, I got to see her try to square dance. This is how it went:


Aspen is all about her dad and Bavion(Xavi) right now. She only comes to me or wants to hang out with me when she gets in trouble with her dad or when she gets in trouble period.

Like when she decided to draw on my face while I napped one day this week. A hint of her face art stayed after several facial scrubbings. GRRR, Aspen, GRRRR! But that did not satisfy her hunger for art, because she decided to draw on a wall. So, she got in more trouble with me and she ran to Xavi, cause Xavier wasn’t home.

She has also been uber hyper this week, like overdrive, she is everywhere! Not sure if it is the sweets and cookies, or she is just crazy, like her dad. Not sure. She breaks out in dance moves when she hears her favorite music. See:

So, indoor activity puzzle edition was a total FAIL because it required her to sit down.

No uber funny convos with her this week, but lots of funny phrases/words. Here is one:

“Janis! Janis! My name is Dr. Aspen and I am doing check-ups, I need my sketoscope!”

PS: We had a company party this week and the theme was, A Beach Getaway. Mean while, I had to fight the Ice Villain that devoured my car cause it was too damn cold degrees outside. But, the party was nice and refreshing. They had virgin mangoritas. The End.

PSS: Excuse the video quality, it’s only iPhone.

Week 21 Gallery:

Week 19: Finally, Friday!!


Happy Friday!! This week was not as brutal weather wise, so we got to step out a couple of days during the week! YAY!

Week 19 Highlights:

With the temperature highs in the 30s and 40s, we were able to step out to a couple of park and scooter days this week. YAY. You learn to appreciate these days when you are not used to being indoors for so long, like 3-4 days in a row, because of polar vortex weather and real winters. Brutal, I tell you.

Xavi joined the Scrabble club at school, so we decided to make her awesome by having scrabble days at home, as an indoor activity. I am working on this.

Xavi asked to have a section of her own on the blog. She is a little envious that Jaelan has the book worm section. So, a Xavi section on the blog is forth coming, as soon as I figure out what it will be.


With extended Dora the Explorer time at home, due to no more day care, Aspen now counts better in Spanish than in English and Tagalog. SIGH. This needs to be fixed.

Aspen went roller skating for the first time this week. Indoor activity. It went well.

Because Xavier spends more day time with her now, Aspen has decided that I am no longer awesome and everything is all about Daddo. Yes, Daddo.

Aspen: Daddo is my best friend. Not you, Janis!

The End.

As previously stated, I need to figure out more awesome indoor activities, so if you have any awesome suggestions, please share.

Week 19 Gallery:

Week 18: Finally, Friday!!


Hello, Saturday πŸ™‚ It has been a couple of weeks since my last post and that is not a good way to start the new year. But, life decided to have me ill since my birthday and I am still pretty cruddy. However, I didn’t want to get too behind, so let us post away!

I am uber grateful to the Lord that I managed to only miss ONE full day of work, and one day of WFH. So, the damage at work was not too bad. I have no idea what came down on me, actually I still don’t. But, please GO AWAY! I hate being sick.

We went home for New Year’s week and it was awesome, until I got sick. We hit up Lopez and Timmy Chan’s on our first day πŸ™‚

Week 18 Highlights:

The girls went back to school this week. The polar vortex phenomena cancelled the first day of school back(but not work). It was -8F. NEGATIVE EIGHT, y’all. This is not Alaska or Siberia. It was cold.

The rounds of choir practices and math clubs have began again. Xavi decided to join the Scrabble Club. Let us cheer, for it is not the Pokemon Club or a Gamer’s Club. YAY! I think she will do well since she does well during the Spelling Bee.


For a minute, I was worried she might start missing day care, then she reassures me: “No! I don’t want to go to school. I wanna stay here with my, Daddy!” Glad we got that out of the way.

Whilst standing on Xavier’s feet going up the escalator, she yells out, “I AM FLYING!! DAD! I AM FLYING!!” I love her toddlerisms.

Convo with Aspen:

Me: Aspen, how was your day today? What did you do?

Aspen: I was mean to the girls. I was cranky all today.

Me: What!? Why were you mean to the girls and why were you cranky? (I needed to know)

Aspen: BA-CAUSE, Janis. BA-CAUSE. (She turns and walks away).

The End.

Week 18 Gallery

*This includes some from week 17, since I skipped a week.*

Week 15: Finally, Friday!!


I might just have to change the name this series. Because, it might be Friday, it might not be Friday. Maybe.

This week was pretty sickening, literally. Everyone at home was sick at some point during the week. There was a day or two were everyone in the house was sick at the same time. Luckily, my illness only lasted a day and a half, so I have recovered. The rest of the family is getting better.

We got an early surprise, yesterday, the real Friday. Xavier’s parent, brother, and cousin Todd, came into town to celebrate Christmas early with us. The girls are so excited and happy. And we are pretty psyched to have family during the holidays!! This means that we will have gumbo, turkey necks, and sweet potato pie in addition to our Noche Buena menu. YAS!

AND, shockingly we got some Christmas shopping in this week, this NEVER, EVER happens. YAY!

Week 15 Highlights:

This week was the girls’ last week of school before Winter Break. So not much was going on. Jaelan and Xavi were both sick at the beginning of the week, but have since recovered. Lots of fluids, salty soups, and vitamin c going on this week!

Convo with Jaelan:

Jaelan: Mama, I think that we evolved from monkeys.

Me: (GASP!) What!? Why!? So you don’t believe in GOD!? Why do you say that!!?

Jaelan: Oh, I believe in GOD and I think he is awesome and great, But I think we evolved from monkeys.

Me: Not acceptable! How can you believe in GOD and believe that we evolved from monkeys at the same time.

Jaelan: Oh, that’s easy, cause GOD created the monkeys.

I couldn’t decided if this was caused by school, television, the internet, social media, or what. SIGH.



More awesome news, Xavier and I finally coordinated our schedules so that Aspen will not have to go to day care!! YAY! She started home care this week! The big girls never set foot in day care and we felt kind of bad cause Aspen is having to, but it couldn’t be prevented as we have no family or help here in Kansas. So, now all is well, and Aspen will be cared for by her family πŸ™‚

No fancy toddler smartassedness from Aspen this week because she has been sick and pretty not active. She is doing better as of yesterday though, so I am sure her antics will re-surface next week.

I am pretty excited for this year’s Christmas because Aspen is a little more aware. She keeps asking who are all of the, “pwesents”, for and she knows who, “Santa”, is now. We are not too big on Santa photos, so we didn’t really break our necks this year to get one in. Also, some pre-Christmas activities on the gallery this week.

Week 15 Gallery:

*The photo above is the Christmas tree at Village West*

Week 13: Finally, Friday!!


It SNOWED, this week. The girls were happy and excited and ecstatic and joyous and jubilant, and I was cold. The End.

Week 13 Highlights:

It was Christmas treeΒ and decorations week for us this week, yay! This is my favorite time of the year, so I am so very happy that it is December and the Christmas festivities are near. So, we are making it more Christmas-y as much as possible at home. And, more or less, we are ready for the holidays.

Jaelan and Xavi have been busy with test, choir practices, and math clubs. So, not much in that department. I did find, Xavi, Youtubing Pokemon evolution videos when she is not playing Pokemon. So, I am now convinced, more than ever, that she is obsessed with Pokemon. YES.


Number 1

On our way home back from Dallas:

Aspen: Mama, can I sit with Daddy in the front (front seat of the vehicle)?

Me: No, Aspen, you have to sit in your car seat. Plus, Daddy is sleeping(he was not).

Aspen: But, he is talking, I can hear him talking. Daddy not sleep-in! *Whimpers and starts to cry*.


Number 2

Me: Aspen, I’m gonna take a nap. *Lays head down*

Aspen: Janis Mama! Wake your ass up! *Slaps me on my forehead*

Me: What the!? *No nap*

Number 3

Me: Itchy, my arms and legs are itchy, Aspen!

Aspen: What’s the cause?

Me: My allergies make me itch

Aspen: You need to take your medicine, Janis.

Week 13 Gallery

This Weekend

Plaza/Union Station Lights

Stockings and Presents(Maybe)

Frozen (the movie, not the weather πŸ™‚ )

Houston Rockets and Houston Cougars on TV

*Will add as activities present themselves from now on*

Week 11: Finally, Friday!!

Yes, I know what you are thinking, it’s Saturday. Well, it took 11 posts, but a Friday post is a day late. I think I did well! πŸ™‚ Happy Saturday! One more week before Thanksgiving Holiday, we are getting excited! I can taste all of the food and awesomeness! πŸ™‚

Week 11 Highlights:

Jaelan and I went to 17th and Summit this past weekend, just the two of us. I am ecstatic to report that she likes to look and shop for, “old and cool things”(antiques). YAY! She purchased an old, silver fountain pen and ink holder for $3. I think she has an antique eye πŸ™‚ She also wants an, “old looking desk” for her room (see photo below). I told her only if she lets me paint it yellow or red πŸ™‚

Xavi did not have a good ending to her week. That is all.

The big girls learned how to play dominoes this week. They were surprised at how much math is involved. Jaelan won round 1. Prepping for Thanksgiving games.


Conversations with Aspen this week:

Number 1

Me: Aspen, whose nose do you have? Daddy’s nose or mommy’s nose?

Aspen: I have Aspen’s nose. My nose, not your nose.

Of course. DUH.

Number 2

Xavier: Look, Aspen it’s a t-rex! (Shows Aspen a t-rex toy while we were at Toys ‘r’ Us)

Aspen: Daddy, das NOT a T-REX! It’s a DINOSAUR!

Of course. DUH.

Number 3

Me: Come here, kid!

Aspen: Mommy, I am not kid, I am Aspen, I told you, aw weady!

Of course. DUH. She must think we are very slow and not smart at all, πŸ™‚ TODDLERS.


Aspen: Mommy, I like monies, I need to get more monies. Mommy can I have 4 monies? (Holds up 4 fingers! )

PS:Β I tried 2 new recipes and 2 cocktail recipes this week: Moroccan chicken and a version of Coq au vin, with white wine. The first one wasn’t so popular, they all gave me a hard time about the cumin smelling like a bag of arm pits, Xavi ate her food with a blanket over her head. She said it tasted good. The Coq au vin was more popular among the masses. The cocktails are a version of the Woodstock cocktail that I found onΒ the CampgroundKC, and vodka sunrise, a take on tequila sunrise, but with vodka. Both were awesome. Recipes later this week.

Week 11 Gallery

This Weekend:

Half Priced Booksgiving Day Celebration

Union Station Lighting Ceremony

Manny Pacquiao vs. Brandon Rios

Houston Dynamo vs. Sporting KC (on tv 😦 ) GO ORANGE!

Houston Texas, Houston Cougars, and Houston Rockets on tv