Happy Birthday, Jaelan!!


Happy Birthday, Jaelan!! I CANNOT believe that you are a teenager!! A teenager!! Ahhh!! I hope that you had a great birthday weekend with your family and friend!!


You are growing up so fast, I still can’t believe that you are 13 already. The next thing you know, you will be starting high school or worse, will be driving!! What!?


I usually have a million and one things to tell you, but I will keep it short. Stay beautiful and strong inside out and out. We are very proud of you and all that you do. Be nice to you sisters. And stop growing so fast!! Love you lots!! 🙂


Happy, Happy Birthday!!


A happy, happy birthday to my favorite middle child, Xavi!! I cannot believe that you are TEN today. TEN. Double digits!! You love pumpkin bread, so I baked you a loaf this morning, so you can blow your candles. I love how simple yet interesting you are right now. I love that you love video games like your dad, love to read and go to coffee shops like I do, and love learning how to play the violin and soccer. You are not afraid to try new things.


I love that your idea of “shopping”, is being able to buy $30 worth of candy at the candy store in Crown Center and getting a new Pokemon game. And when I asked you what you want to do for your birthday, you answered with, “Can I build a super fort!?”. Yes, you can, but not in the living room 🙂


I hope you stay as humble and as ambitious as you are right now. I love your inquisitive mind and the billion questions that you ask me instead of googling stuff like your big sister does. I love how you don’t ever want to be an adult because you think that adults do too much stuff to “live”, and I love how you say that said you will stay a kid as long as you can 🙂

I also love how you like what you like and you don’t care what other kids/people think of it. That is going to be a very useful quality when you do become an adult, trust me. But most of all, I love how you tell me everything, good, bad, or sad. Don’t ever stop doing that 🙂


Anyways, I hope you like the pumpkin bread(You better!!) and I hope you enjoyed your day with your crazy family. I know you can’t wait to party and have fun with your friends!! 🙂 Happy Birthday, Xavi!!












A Happy, Happy Birthday!!


Happy, Happy Birthday, Xavier!! Don’t worry, no cheesy post 🙂 I hope that you are enjoying your day. Thanks for being a great guy and thank you for being a great, fun, loving dad and thank you for working hard and taking care of us, even on your birthday!! 🙂 I wish you the best of the best and many more awesome birthdays to come. The girls will have fun giving you birthday licks, I hope you are ready! 🙂 We love you lots! 🙂

Everyone, if you see him today in real life or on social media, make sure you wish him a Happy Birthday!! 🙂


Happy, Happy Birthday!!!! 🙂





Week 23: Happy, Happy Birthday!!!

Happy, happy, happy birthday to my favorite, most beautiful first born in the whole wide world!! 🙂


You are getting so big, like literally, you are almost bigger than me! 🙂 I can’t believe that you are almost a teenager, even though your, “tude”, serves as a constant reminder. And even though you can be as lazy as I was at your age, you are the most awesome dishwasher and big sister to Xavi and Terminator. I love how you love music and singing, but I am weirded out by your affinity for the vampire and zombie culture. I love that you have your own little style, cause I didn’t have none of that at your age. I love how you love detective and cop shows, like Castle and The Mentalist, cause I used to love Matlock and Perry Mason, so close enough 🙂 And I love how you asked, “So you were once “cool”!?”, when I told you I that I like and listen to rap and screw.

You are turning out to be an awesome, smart, talented, and a very down to earth little lady, and I hope that you stay that way. Change as you may, but stay true to yourself! I hope you liked your pancake stack and I hope you have a happy, happy birthday! I love you!!

Let’s Skate!


Xavi had a birthday this past weekend and to celebrate, we took her and a couple of her friends skating at Skate City. Having kid birthdays in the dead of winter, ok not really the dead of winter, but it’s too cold for outdoor activities, leaves me with only a handful of choices for birthday party ideas. If you have any, please share them!

We have literally exhausted Skyzone, a trampoline park, the last 2 or 4 birthdays, and ice skating was the option before we discovered Skyzone, so we decided to go with the skating rink. Xavi doesn’t know too many kids here yet, so we decided against a birthday package. They skated their hearts out to loud music, ate pizza and funnel, and drank blue flavored icees. They had a great time, legs were hurting the next day, and the birthday girl was happy, satisfied, and grateful! All, before she received the ultimate gifts, the Pokemon X game from us and from her Tita Dora, the 3D DS that she had been talking to GOD about. Yes, she has.

Here are a few photos from Xavi’s birthday:











Here is a video of the girls doing the Cha-Cha Slide, Xavi’s favorite line dance 🙂

Week 10: Finally, Friday!!


Happy Friday, everyone!! Looking forward to the weekend, but more importantly, someone has a birthday this weekend! 🙂 (This is one of my favorite photos of her 🙂 )

Week 10 Highlights:

Things were pretty slow this week, Aspen was a bit under the weather, and it was very cold, so this will be short. Kind of.

Jaelan had her second choir concert this week, the Fall Music Festival. The program was a very sub-par, something between not enough preparation or just nerves maybe? The strings and the band had to re-start several times on the few pieces that they were able to play, but the crowd was very forgiving and appreciative, and the kids were still very cute 🙂 Jaelan was disappointed and embarrassed by the performance, including the choir’s, even though they seemed the most prepared group. I told her that there will be times like that and to forget about it and prepare for the next one. You can’t win them all, so keep playing 🙂

Also, did I mention that someone has a birthday this weekend? 🙂


Aspen needs to be potty trained ASAP, because, she is now taking off her pull ups when she has an accident and then hiding them…..not in the trash. She then puts on new ones and act like nothing happened. This kid kills me. I couldn’t tell you how many pull ups we went through this week. SIGH.

Also, Aspen was out voted on taco night, she voted for pizza. So, we went to a taco place, she gets chicken quesadillas, and she tells us, “My chicken pizza is weally good, y’all!!”. She makes me laugh.

PS: We put together a box for a local organization to send to the motherland. Family are safe. I wish we were closer there, so we can do more.

Week 10 Gallery:

This Weekend: 

A Birthday Party

Xavi’s Requests

Holiday Photos

Third Friday/Waldo/DT

Houston Texans, Houston Cougars, and Houston Rockets on tv

A Letter For, Ma!

Dear Ma,

Today was your *th birthday, and because we are far, far away, we couldn’t sing you, “Happy Birthday”, in person. So, we did the next best thing, we made you a video.

SIGH. If you only knew the effort that it took and the number of takes we had to do because Aspen was being such a, ahem, toddler, you would understand, why we eventually had to settle for this, “final cut”. Let’s just say, that as always, there were lots of protests and tears, and, “I don want to!”(s). I had to bribe her with the candy dispenser full of Skittles, which she is holding on to in the video. And that blue stuff running down her chin? Skittle juice.

Nonetheless, mission was accomplished, and Mom, Happy Birthday, from Kansas. You are a very special person and we love you very much. ENJOY!


Your Favorites 🙂