Toddler in the (Home) Gym!!


Every once in a while, when I don’t feel like running, I (try) work out in the basement. We have a little gym set up down there, nothing fancy, a bench with legs extensions and bench press/squat bar, curl bars, punching bag, and free weights. If I have to go down there, I try to do it when Aspen is napping or before the whole house wakes up. Otherwise, I end up fussing/entertaining her rather than working out. Xavier on the other hand can work out with that crazy toddler running around down there.

Xavier is helping me out with training this week, so when Aspen sees us getting ready to work out, she too has to “exercise”, she says. I protest, of course. But, Xavier says she can come, all we have to do is let her exercise, he says. I have tried to work out with her down there and it usually ends in a war and no workouts.


Anyways, I start working out and after every rep that I finish, Xavier lets Aspen do her, “exercises”, in between when I am resting. Of course, why didn’t I think of that? He lays her down on the bench and have her do sit ups while she counts out loud. It helps with her numbers, he says, and she loves that she gets to do everything on the bench. If you let her be a part of your workout, she won’t be a bother, he says. Yea right.

But, I do notice that after she does an exercise she goes off on her own and starts playing with her toys and even goes back up to play with her sisters. She only comes back down when she is ready to do her next “exercise”. And surprisingly, I am working out without any issues. And all I had to do was let her exercise. Of course I’m sure that when it’s just me and her, it won’t go as smoothly. But I will definitely be doing that next time she insists on exercising with me, instead of skipping a work out because I don’t want to fight with a toddler.

I am so busy seeing her as a distraction down there, that I forget that she might actually learn something from watching me work out. Maybe, I should see how it might teach her the value of fitness and exercising, and help with her numbers. Maybe. We’ll see. I’ll let you know how the new method, “works out”, without Xavier.




Running Challenge: Repeat

Week 3: Repeat


Here is this week’s running challenge. Again, another fail for week 2, pretty discouraging. Therefore, this week’s challenge is a repeat of last week, which is 15 miles, again.

This time I was only about 3 miles short of the intended 15, but still short. It was pretty rough from the get go after a week off, but after the last run, I felt much better. No injuries and no blisters, (so I get to keep my yellow shoes), (YAY!), just ran out of time on Saturday. It was a pretty packed day from the beginning, and I was not able to fit in a run.

There is major bad news and a major set back: I waited too long to register for the Kansas City Half Marathon and pretty much ran out of time. I tried to register this past week, but registration was closed. I thought about doing the full marathon, but Xavier thinks that it might be a bit, you know, cucko, crazy, and I think he might be right. The next one I am going for is the St. Louis Rock and Roll Half Marathon on Oct. 27th. So, for now I am going to continue with the running challenges. I will have to settle for the Kansas City 5K and then the Rock and Roll, the week after. Let us pray that there will be no issues this time, amen.

PS: This Nike+ app, is a pretty great tool. It helps you keep up with your mileage and times, and shows your progress, which is extra nice, especially when it doesn’t feel like you are doing any progressing.

Week 2 Results


My Health Care 2014

Part I : The Slap on the Wrist

The end of the year is fast approaching and that means that sooner or later, later being March 2014, you and your family must have some sort of minimum health care coverage,as mandated by the Affordable Care Act of 2010, if you and your family do not fall under any of the exceptions.

As such, I have put together a short series, My Healthcare 2014, of what the new health care mandate will mean to you, your family, and your wallet. Today’s blurb explains in numerical terms, the penalty that you and your family will incur, should your household go beyond 3 months without minimum health care coverage, beginning January 2014.

If you already know this and have made proper arrangements, good for you! YAY! If not, I hope this helps and will get you moving in the right direction, may it be getting minimum coverage or leaving the country and denouncing your citizenship.

Here it is:

Title I: Quality Affordable Healthcare for All Americans

Subtitle F: Shared Responsibility for Health Care, Part I: Individual Responsibility, Section 1501(b): Requirement to Maintain Essential Coverage, Subsection 5000A(c): Amount of Penalty:

“For the tax year:

2014: The greater of 1% of taxable income or $95 per person.

2015: The greater of 2% of taxable income or $325 per person.

2016: The greater of 2.5% of taxable income or $695 per person.

Beyond 2016: Annual increase by the calculated increase in cost of living.”

*These are just per adult penalties, additional amount applies for each child without minimum health care covered, so these are minimum amounts. If you have little ones, your penalty will be way higher.*

You can be exempt if, You are:

1. In financial Hardship(I will probably claim under due to the recent daycare expenses incurred by my household, just kidding).

2. Religiously exemptions

3. Incarcerated

4. An undocumented immigrant

5. An American Indian

Revisit Reactions to the Affordable Care Act:

Source: US House of Representative, May 2010.

Here is the full text of the bill, in case you get bored.