Single Parentingishhh…..


This week, Xavier is down in New Orleans for work. So, I am a single parent for the first time ever in life, with 3 kids, a dog, and a cat. Like without family or family friends nearby. Yesterday was the first day. And, so far, I have not lost my sanity. There really isn’t much to deal with, besides attitude from Jaelan, crankiness from Aspen, and “I don’t knows” from Xavi. So, just every day regular life stuff with the girls. Oh, and the fact that I’ll have to cook 3 days in a row. BOO!


Aspen went back to daycare yesterday after a 5 week lay off. She tolerated the return with ease in the morning, although she did report that she cried, “a whole lot”, during nap time and that her hands froze when they went outside because, “You didn’t give me gloves, Mom”(Outside at sub-20 degree weather!? WTH!?). She received a hug from everyone in her class when I picked her up, apparently she was missed. She asked for her dad as soon as I picked her up from school, and she pouted when I told her he was away. She would ask for him another 1000 times at home in the evening. The big girls are a little more nonchalant about it. I made pancit for dinner. Day 1 went okay. No one was hurt, except for the downstairs rug that Fudge chewed up. Bad Fudge.


Anyways, the point is I didn’t know how it would be. I mean, I have been by myself with the girls before, but never without family close by to help me out. Yes, you must think I am spoiled rotten. I was. I mean I’m sure all will be well. But still, peace of mind comes with knowing that you have help nearby. Hats off to you single parents out there. I don’t know how you do it, but you do 🙂 HAPPY HUMP DAY!!








A Disaster


I try to keep the mood of the this blog on the positive side. But sometimes it can’t be avoided.

The Philippines, my motherland, was recently ravaged by a mega-typhoon practically the size of North America. The aftermath is devastating and heart wrenching. It is gut checking to see the devastation brought upon an already struggling, yet progressive, tiny nation. But, despite of the magnitude of the storm, the people took on Haiyan, despite the severity of the aftermath, after they asked for help, they are picking up, cleaning up, and are moving on, with or without help. When you are a nation who are pounded by the greatest number of storms year after year, you learn to pick up, clean up, and smile. It is a testament of will, resilience, and determination.

Sure, there are lootings and finger pointings, after wards, but that’s natural. Let you be in the same situation, let me not see you try to ravage a standing grocery store to find water and food for you and your surviving family. And let me see any government with minimal resources, prepare for a super typhoon whose magnitude is unrivaled, you can’t. So you do your best.

I thought I would give you a few stats to help put things in perspective and some suggestions of organizations to contact on how you can help. I am sure, you have probably heard some these in the news, if not, now you know.

Typhoon Haiyan:

1. Considered on of the most powerful to have reached landfall, Haiyan was 370 miles wide.

2. Winds reached 195 mph, gusts reached 235 mph. That’s strong.

3. Storm surge reached 17 feet, and 27 inches of rain.

After the Storm(numbers may vary depending on source):

1. 9 million people have been affected: 4.5 million of which are children and 1.5 million of which are children under the age of 5.

2. About 600,000 have been displaced.

3. About 12,000 have been injured.



Kansas City

The Filipino Association of Greater Kansas City

Philippine Medical Society

World Outreach Foundation of Kansas City


First Philippine Baptist Church

Philippine American Chamber of Commerce


The American Red Cross

Save the Children

Doctor without Borders

*As always, if you are making monetary donations, make sure that the organization is legitimate and trust worthy. Sadly, scammers are always out there looking to profit on disasters*

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Source: United Nations and World News NBC