In 350 words or less: Stolen Daughters


Have you heard about the current abductions situation in northeast Nigeria? Here is a related article. The region is a trample zone for militant activities, and two weeks ago, about 200+ teenage girls, ages 16-18, were abducted by militants, and are still missing. TWO HUNDRED PLUS. Sources indicate that the militants set the dorm on fire in the middle of the night, forced the panicked girls into trucks, and disappeared into heavily forested areas near the school. Parents have appealed to the government for help, but it seems that the government is just as helpless as the parents. The worst part is that according several sources, the girls have been married off in a mass ceremony and sold to militant leaders for a paltry $12.

As a mother of three girls, this is heart wrenching. I know that in areas of conflict, the kids are the ones who suffer the most, and that things like this happen everyday. But, no matter where you are in the world, can you imagine hearing that 200 beautiful daughters have been stolen, sold for pennies, and that one or two of them are yours? We need to do better.



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