Single Parentingishhh…..


This week, Xavier is down in New Orleans for work. So, I am a single parent for the first time ever in life, with 3 kids, a dog, and a cat. Like without family or family friends nearby. Yesterday was the first day. And, so far, I have not lost my sanity. There really isn’t much to deal with, besides attitude from Jaelan, crankiness from Aspen, and “I don’t knows” from Xavi. So, just every day regular life stuff with the girls. Oh, and the fact that I’ll have to cook 3 days in a row. BOO!


Aspen went back to daycare yesterday after a 5 week lay off. She tolerated the return with ease in the morning, although she did report that she cried, “a whole lot”, during nap time and that her hands froze when they went outside because, “You didn’t give me gloves, Mom”(Outside at sub-20 degree weather!? WTH!?). She received a hug from everyone in her class when I picked her up, apparently she was missed. She asked for her dad as soon as I picked her up from school, and she pouted when I told her he was away. She would ask for him another 1000 times at home in the evening. The big girls are a little more nonchalant about it. I made pancit for dinner. Day 1 went okay. No one was hurt, except for the downstairs rug that Fudge chewed up. Bad Fudge.


Anyways, the point is I didn’t know how it would be. I mean, I have been by myself with the girls before, but never without family close by to help me out. Yes, you must think I am spoiled rotten. I was. I mean I’m sure all will be well. But still, peace of mind comes with knowing that you have help nearby. Hats off to you single parents out there. I don’t know how you do it, but you do 🙂 HAPPY HUMP DAY!!








First Solo!


Jaelan loves to sing. She sings all day, everyday. Music is a very accurate way to describe her. She has been in a school choir ever since she became old enough to join. When she found out we had to move to Kansas, the only thing she was worried about was if the school had a music program. I have no idea where she gets her musical acumen from, probably Xavier, but she is pretty good. I love that she loves music and I love that schools around here are continuing to nurture and prioritize music and fine arts in their curriculum. I hope she continues to love music and uses it for good in her life. And so that being said, last night, at Open House at her school, Jaelan had her first solo part.

About 2 weeks ago, Jaelan tried out for the small solo part in the choir concert and she got it, YAY! She had a great week last week, she had a birthday and she got the solo part that she had been obsessing about. It is also the first solo part that she has ever done, meaning she has never sang by herself in front of people. She was very nervous, but excited at the same time.


Anyway, below is a video of the intro portion of her solo and another, longer video of the rest of the song. I thought she did great, she stood up front like a British Royal guard, I mean she didn’t move a hair. Aspen even cheered her on and called her name out, but Jaelan did not flinch. She said that she was concentrating on her dad’s and our faces in the crowd. After the show, she had several people compliment her on her performance and that gave her such a huge relief. We were proud parents and sisters tagging along. Anyways, hope you enjoy the videos! 🙂 GREAT JOB JAELAN!! YOU ROCK!!


Progressive Analysis: Cartoons


A couple of weeks ago, over some Chinese/Hibachi dinner, my family and I were having an intense debate regarding the content of today’s cartoons/animated series’. Xavier and I think they are dumb AND stupid, and the girls think they are “funny AND entertaining”. Although, what constitute as entertaining now a days is probably the reason why the shows are dumb AND stupid.

So, by no means is this an actual progressive analysis of animated series’, but rather a content descriptive examination(not really) of how cartoons/animated series’ substance has deteriorated over the years, through a look at Xavier and I’s favorites and my daughters’ preferences, cause, apparently they can’t have a favorite, cause they are ALL that, “funny AND entertaining”. RIGHT. (FYI: these are cartoons that are not superhero themed, that’s another post). I think the twenty year gap is a decent time lapse to evaluate things from 🙂

Janis’s Favorite:

1. Inspector Gadget: Need I say more? There was action, awesome technology(the Magicbook, now known as the iPhone/iPad), a faceless bad guy, a grouchy cat, comic relief, a smart dog, and a heroine(Penny).

Close Runner-Up: Duck Tales, Darkwing Duck, Tale Spin, Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers, and Captain Planet. What you know about Uncle Scrooge, Baloo, and the planeteers? I was environmentally conscious way before it got hip, plus Baloo had a favorite bar.

Xavier’s Favorite:

1. TIE: Looney Toon Adventures/Tiny Toon Adventures and the Simpsons: Self explanatory: Classic entertainment. Bart and Homer, Bugs Bunny, Wile E. Coyote, and The Roadrunner.

Close Runner-Up: Animaniacs: Pinky and the Brain. The End.

Jaelan and Xavi’s Favorite(s):

1. Total Drama Island: No explanations needed. A cartoon version of Survivor, but with airheaded teenagers.

2. Spongebob Squarepants: It is the most pointless time frame in television history. Jaelan said that aside from the annoying laugh, it is very entertaining and FUNNY.

3. Chowder(Discontinued): The only decent choice here. Who doesn’t love a cartoon based on food and ingredients?

4. The Amazing World of Gumball: It’s about a stupid cat, named Gumball, and his misadventures. Literally, the cat is of very,very limited intelligence. Dumb AND Stupid.

5. Dexter’s Laboratory: It’s about science and the science of being stupid.

PS: I am considering banning some of these from my household, which is why, Billy and Mandy , did not make the list. It was banned long ago.

(Pokemon is not included because these are non-superhero related cartoons, and Pikachu is clearly a “superhero”).

Aspen’s Favorite:

1. Bubble Guppies: The only one with a sensible choice. It has catchy tunes and is educational.

There you go. While my analysis is very limited, I’m sure you agree with me when I say that cartoons of today are pretty mediocre at best compared to the selections that were available in the 1980s and 1990s.

Enjoy this video of 1980s/1990s cartoon intros: