Monkey Bread!!

I am all for quick and easy recipes. The less ingredients and the less the preparation, the better. Especially when it comes to pastry, because I can’t pastry, I just can’t. The dough never comes out right. So, when I saw this video above, I had to try it. Also, because there were 4 cans of mini biscuit dough that no one wants to eat. Plus, it’s like 3 ingredients.

I had never heard of monkey bread before, but it looks good, so we tried one of the sweet recipes. The girls and I baked the cinnamon and sugar version. It came out really well and even looked like the finished product in the video! And it is yummy! I prepped the ingredients and the girls did the dirty work of coating the dough. There was sugar and cinnamon everywhere, but it’s all good. Here is what ours looked liked:





A Floating Snack!

One of my favorite things to do is to share my favorite Filipino snacks and my otherwise weird taste buds with my family. So, I made a first attempt at making one of my favorite motherland snacks, palitaw, literally meaning, “float or rise up”, because the dough balls rise or float to the top of the pot when they are cooked.

It is essentially sweet sticky rice, very quick and easy, and really delicious. I only, “cook”, quick and easy things.

This is what it is supposed to look like:

However, because I am culinarily challenged, and because there is a lack of oriental grocers around here, my version looked more like this. I know, I know, you’re like, that is not that,  but it tasted just like it is supposed to, so YAY! (Don’t judge me! 🙂 )


I could not find finer shredded coconut meat, which is why my coconut shreds look chunky, and I hate sesame seeds, so I opted not to include, which is what the brown stuff is on the first two photos.

So here is how I made it:



Glutenous rice flour, granulated sugar, shredded coconut meat, sesame seeds, water



1. Mix 2 cups of the flour and 1 cup of water in a bowl and make a dough.


2. Scoop out small balls of the dough and flatten.


3. Boil lots of water and drop flattened pieces of dough. Once they float up, take them out and let them cool and dry a little.

4. Brown sesame seeds in a pan, then mix with sugar in a bowl.


5. Take cooked dough, dip and cover with coconut shreds, then dip and cover with sugar mixture.


Eat and Share!! PS: NO ONE else in the house would try it, except for Xavi, my brave little food taster, and she loved it! YAY!

Celery!? I hate Celery!

I have this thing against celery, that I have had since we first met. If there is one piece of green thing that I loathe besides bitter melon, it is celery. I was forced fed nasty celery as a grade school kid and I used to cry having to swallow it down, since I couldn’t leave the dinner table without finishing my gross celery crunchy mush.

I hate the way celery smells and how the smell lingers way after you have digested it. I can’t stand how it’s crunchy, hairy, stringy, and fibery after you take a bite. So naturally, this past week, I somehow, concocted two different dishes with a crap load of celery in it. Because it is only natural that as adults, we end up tolerating/liking the stuff that we hated as kids. Vegetables, green, leafy things, fall under this category (for me).


So here are the two dishes that I “made”. I am culinary inadequate, (I burned ramen noodles and water as an adult), so please, do not take this as a recipe sharing post. Yes, it will include what I used and how I used what I used to make what I made, but please, do not take any cooking advice, lessons, or anything from here, EVER. My sole purpose and reason for this post is to impart the irony of how I ended up concocting two different dishes containing a crap load of celery, when I know, I hate celery as a whole. Plus, when you have hungry gremlins to feed, it doesn’t matter if you like it or not, so long as they are edible enough for the kiddos, all of whom by the way, love everything green, leafy, and celery, ugh, gross. But the dishes turned out WELL!  🙂

PS: These are very,very fast dishes. Cause I don’t have time for that. I don’t give measurements cause I don’t know how big your family is, and season to your liking, not mine. So, these are very, very generic materials and instructions.

Dish 1: Asian Celery Pork (I made up my own name)


Materials: Pork, oyster sauce, celery, onions. Combine in a pan, cook until celery is soft and pork is cooked. Add oyster sauce to your liking. I put A LOT. I ate mine on A LOT of RICE.




Dish 2: My Potato Soup(this was the first time I ever in my life cooked potato soup)


Materials: a lot of potatoes, bacon, celery, onions, chives, chicken broth, season all, salt, pepper, half and half, shredded cheese.



Directions: Cut everything up and throw in a big pot, season to your liking . Cook for like 3 minutes. Add a big can of chicken broth, bring to a boil. (You can add a thickening agent, if you like it super thick). Add some half and half, then simmer. Garnish with chives, bacon, and cheese. I ate mine with Hawaiian bread, but also great with French bread, or pan de sal.

So, there you have it, proof, that we can grow to like, things that we hate 🙂