Game of Thrones Mixing: 7/10 and 8/10


If you have not seen the last episodes, skip to the recipe!

There has been plenty of action in the last 2 episodes, and I barely got through the bye week. But, here we are, and for both episodes, It’s all about the Prince Oberyn Martell, the Red Viper. For episode 7, because how awesome was it that he dramatically volunteered to be Tyrion’s champion!? Awesome. For episode 8, because as much as I loved his badassery, did you see how he went out!? Smashing, literally. I wanted him to win, I really did, but then again…..


The Red Viper Cocktail:


This is a version of the blood and sand cocktail, which I’ve had a few times, so I already know that I like this drink and that it’s good. Because, scotch. I didn’t have any blood oranges or blood orange liquer, so, I substituted regular navel orange juice. Also, the recipe can be found here, and is meant to represent House Martell, but the Red Viper is the only one we’ve seen so far, so it’s the Red Viper Cocktail in this blog 🙂

1oz blended scotch( I only have single malt scotch, so I used Jameson)

1oz navel orange juice

3/4oz sweet vermouth

3/4oz Cherry Heering

Place all ingredients in a shaker, fill with ice, shake, and strain into a cocktail glass. ENJOY!






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Kentucky Derby , Boxing, and Basketball!!


Since we are that much closer to Kentucky here in Kansas/Missouri, The Kentucky Derby is pretty popular here, or another reason to throw a party and imbibe. There are a few Derby parties being hosted by restaurants and bars around town. Being from Texas, and I guess too far south, I didn’t hear too much about Derby growing up, except who won the race, probably because Cinco de Mayo is more popular down there. So, in honor of Derby weekend, I thought I would try my hand at a couple of Kentucky Derby traditions, a Derby Walnut Pie and Mint Julep Cocktail.

The official drink of the Kentucky Derby is the mint julep. They sell some 100,000+ of these drinks during the 2 day event. It’s a very simple drink consisting of bourbon, sugar, and mint leaves. I am not too keen on mint flavored drinks, but I decided to give it a go. I did try the pineapple version, but that one calls for gin and not bourbon, and my first try was a fail, so I went for the traditional recipe. The recipe that I followed can be found here.

Mint Julep Cocktail


2.5oz Bourbon(I used Woodford Reserve)

2tbs sugar

mint leaves

Muddle the mint leaves and sugar in a julep cup. Add the bourbon. Fill past the rim with crushed ice and garnish with mint sprig, sip slowly, and enjoy!

Derby Walnut Pie




Like the mint julep, the derby pie is the official pie of the Kentucky Derby. It was first served at the infamous Melrose Inn over 60 years ago and by George Kern. The recipe that I used can be found here. I only made a slight change on this one. I thought 1 1/4 cups of chocolate chips was too much so I changed it to 1 cup. I would also suggest baking for a little over 45 minutes.


1/2 cup flour

1 cup sugar

2 eggs

1/2 cup butter

2 TBS Kentucky bourbon

1 cup chopped walnuts

1 cup chocolate chips, semi-sweet

1 tsp vanilla extract

pinch of salt

1 deep dish pie crust

Pre heat oven to 350.

Mix all ingredients in bowl. Pour mixture onto pie crust and bake for 45-50 minutes. Cool before cutting and enjoy with your mint julep while wearing your most outrageous hat and cheering for your favorite horse.


Also going on this weekend are the NBA playoffs and the anticipated Floyd Mayweather vs. Marcos Maidana fight. I recommend Cinco de Mayo drinks with the Mayweather/Maidana fight :). CHEERS!!











Kitchen Adventures!

I am going to call these posts as titled, because for those who know me, know that I can’t cook to save my life. I am therefore grateful for a husband to who is culinarily able. I am sure, culinarily, is not a word.

This is something I would like to improve because I am a mom and because three girls need to learn to cook from someone. I did not include this on my expectations list, ba-cause. So, in an effort to improve my culinary (lack of) skills, I am going to share my attempts, good and bad, at “new” food that I would not normally know what or how to cook.

This week, I finally decided to try a one of Bon Appetit Magazine’s recipe, instead of just drooling over their food porn. Don’t get too excited, it’s just a pancake recipe. I gotta start slow 🙂

I also attempted some random recipe I found online with nutella.

Food 1: Peach Dutch Baby Pancake with Strawberry Compote


You can find the recipe here.

The BonApp recipe called for a cherry compote, but I like strawberries better. It turned out pretty good, and the girls ate it, too 🙂

It was a tad bit under cooked in the middle, so it tasted a bit like a crepe in the middle, but with the peach and the strawberry distracting my taste buds, it didn’t matter, it was really good. So, I consider this one a success.

Food 2: Nutella Cake Chewy Bars

I was itching to make something with the untouched Nutella jar in the pantry, and I tripped up on this recipe.

I did not change anything and followed this one to the tee,well minus the chocolate sprinkles. I thought it was under cooked as well, but it is supposed to be chewy and so I guess it was just right. This one was a hit with the whole family and they devoured it, I got pictures, well of Aspen, up there devouring them 🙂

You should try these because these are the easiest recipes that I have ever tried to make and if you mess them up, they might still taste really good! 🙂

I hope to make a series out of these posts, and hopefully, improve in the kitchen 🙂