Sterling Move


I am a big basketball and Houston Rockets fan, and the NBA playoffs are currently underway. It has been one of the best first rounds that I can remember, like ever. It almost feels like March Madness with all of the extra quarters that has been played.

Unfortunately, it has been riddled with the issues surrounding Los Angeles Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling. Sterling was handed down one of the harshest penalties by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver for a wide range of racist tangents: a lifetime ban(never mind that the guy is 80 years old) from the NBA, a $2.5M fine, and pressure to sell the Clippers. Silver has asked for the vote of 3/4ths of the required NBA owners to “make” Sterling sell his team.

Donald Sterling, V. Stiviano

After the punishment was announced, there has been several mixed responses and comments regarding the whole thing. Does the punishment fit the crime? What happened to being entitled to your own opinion? The likes.

So, here are my three cents about the whole thing:

1. The Punishment:

The punishment fits the issue, there was no crime committed, depending on how you look at it. Racism should never be tolerated, and if one has the opportunity to squash any qualms about it, they should take it. The NBA made a statement as to what a bigot’s place in the league is, but I am not sure if the same punishment would have been carried out had the comments been about sexual orientation or say, religion.

2. Donald Sterling:

Donald Sterling was racist long before this event took place. According to wiki, he was previously sued by the US Department of Justice and by former Clipper’s executive/Hall of Famer, Elgin Baylor, for race and age discrimination. He did not become a bigot over night. The league and the players knew before hand what they were dealing with when it came to Donald Sterling.

Side Note: The Los Angeles Chapter of the NAACP has previously awarded Sterling with a lifetime achievement award and cancelled plans to award him a second one next month.

3. Donald Sterling and the NBA/Basketball:

After reading some of Sterling’s comments and contract negotiation remarks with regards to race, I can’t help but wonder why no one had previously challenged this man like he should have been. I mean he pretty much believes that Black people are vermin. It took a woman to take him out of NBA arenas. Wiki says that, Sporting News has called him the “worst owner in basketball”, and The New York Times and Forbes have labeled him, “worst owner”, IN SPORTS, and there has been some really bad ones. So, Donald Sterling never was good for the sport or the league and all of this was bound to happen. It just took a long ass time. Money stretches time, I guess.

Let’s hope that all of this helps to preserve some of the league’s and the sport’s integrity and serves as some sort of heed to others out there in the dark. Well, in the NBA, anyways.

EXTRA: Social Media is a force to be reckoned with.



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Hello, 2014!


Yes, we are a halfway through January, but it is still January. So, I thought I would recap 2013 and share some expectations for 2014, because I do not resolute. Resolutions and I don’t get along, too much pressure. Expectations are less concrete, if that makes sense.

2013 was a blizzard of a year, lots of ups and down, and it went by so quickly, I am still trying to figure out where it went. So, a few recap/highlights:

1. After 6 months, I like Kansas City. I detest the winter because it makes a hermit out of me and my family. But that can be a good thing, you have to interact with each when you are stuck at home. I need to work on more indoor activities. I do like winter clothes though, weird.

2. 2013 was a good year career wise, I finished my master’s degree and landed a position with an awesome company: 2 weeks after we decided to move. Talk about being blessed in a timely manner 🙂

3. Some downs: we miss family, friends, and life in Houston and the travel department was limited this year, due to the new job.

4. There were a handful of bumps and challenges in parenthood, but I learned a lot along the way.

5. Fitness wise, 2013 was not good. The allergy thing really set me back. I only ran 5 races as opposed to 12 in 2012.

Extra: I started this blog and it is still alive!

*There were more awesomeness and downs, but these are some that I wanted to share*


I have a lot of expectations for 2014, just because. I get like that around January because it feels like I am getting a fresh start and another chance at improving from last year. So here are some expectations, order is of no importance.

1. Fitness is a major thing. I expect to run more races than last year. I am aiming for around 15 races, with a couple of half-marathons. And I am hoping to add biking in this department.

2. Blog expectations: I am hoping to do at least 3 posts a week with a more focused content: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. So, look for more blog posts this year.

3. I am aiming to travel more with my family this year. And going home does not count as traveling.

4. Now that we are getting more settled, I am expecting to have the girls back into their sporting activities: soccer and tennis.

5. I expect to volunteer more this year, and to share that with the girls.

6. I expect to read more books and not abandon them after a few chapters: 15 books.

7. This is a hard one: I am aiming to work on being a more patient and efficient parent. Aiming is a key word.

8. I expect to date more this year. For real.

9. I expect to join a church, here in KC. Any recommendations? I am having a hard time finding one.

10. Smile, at some point, everyday, at people. I hear it is good for the soul and sexy 🙂

Doing awesome career wise is a requirement, so no expectations there.

And there are more expectations, but this is a good list to share, and I don’t like for my posts to be too long 🙂

Lofty expectations, but crushable, don’t you think? What are your expectations for this year?

Running from the cold.

BYE BYE, 2013!!

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Week 15: Finally, Friday!!


I might just have to change the name this series. Because, it might be Friday, it might not be Friday. Maybe.

This week was pretty sickening, literally. Everyone at home was sick at some point during the week. There was a day or two were everyone in the house was sick at the same time. Luckily, my illness only lasted a day and a half, so I have recovered. The rest of the family is getting better.

We got an early surprise, yesterday, the real Friday. Xavier’s parent, brother, and cousin Todd, came into town to celebrate Christmas early with us. The girls are so excited and happy. And we are pretty psyched to have family during the holidays!! This means that we will have gumbo, turkey necks, and sweet potato pie in addition to our Noche Buena menu. YAS!

AND, shockingly we got some Christmas shopping in this week, this NEVER, EVER happens. YAY!

Week 15 Highlights:

This week was the girls’ last week of school before Winter Break. So not much was going on. Jaelan and Xavi were both sick at the beginning of the week, but have since recovered. Lots of fluids, salty soups, and vitamin c going on this week!

Convo with Jaelan:

Jaelan: Mama, I think that we evolved from monkeys.

Me: (GASP!) What!? Why!? So you don’t believe in GOD!? Why do you say that!!?

Jaelan: Oh, I believe in GOD and I think he is awesome and great, But I think we evolved from monkeys.

Me: Not acceptable! How can you believe in GOD and believe that we evolved from monkeys at the same time.

Jaelan: Oh, that’s easy, cause GOD created the monkeys.

I couldn’t decided if this was caused by school, television, the internet, social media, or what. SIGH.



More awesome news, Xavier and I finally coordinated our schedules so that Aspen will not have to go to day care!! YAY! She started home care this week! The big girls never set foot in day care and we felt kind of bad cause Aspen is having to, but it couldn’t be prevented as we have no family or help here in Kansas. So, now all is well, and Aspen will be cared for by her family 🙂

No fancy toddler smartassedness from Aspen this week because she has been sick and pretty not active. She is doing better as of yesterday though, so I am sure her antics will re-surface next week.

I am pretty excited for this year’s Christmas because Aspen is a little more aware. She keeps asking who are all of the, “pwesents”, for and she knows who, “Santa”, is now. We are not too big on Santa photos, so we didn’t really break our necks this year to get one in. Also, some pre-Christmas activities on the gallery this week.

Week 15 Gallery:

*The photo above is the Christmas tree at Village West*

Costumes, Candy, and…Church?

October is upon us, which means a few things around here: the holiday season is near, pumpkin spice latte, my mom’s birthday, but more importantly(I am kidding mother), Halloween!

Halloween is a favorite in my household. I mean, why wouldn’t it be? You get to dress up in an uber awesome costume AND you get lots and lots of candy to get candy wasted on, whether you are a kid or a grown up.

Every year, the girls get to have costumes and candy. The manner in which they get to is not always the same. I was brought up in a church, Christian/Baptist, you get the idea, which means that we didn’t do the scary costumes and the “trick o’ treating” thing, well not that I can remember anyways. In fact, I don’t remember doing anything around Halloween until I was way older. What we had instead, or later on, was a church festival alternative(or we got nothing). Everyone got to dress up in non-scary costumes, enjoy activities and games, and get lots and lots of candy. But more importantly, the kids loved it. It served it’s purpose and actually, I much preferred it. Despite many pitfalls, I do have a lot of respect for religion and beliefs, mines and yours(grammar?). So, knowing a little history and what Halloween ultimately represents, I much prefer the church’s way of diverting kids from the celebration, without taking away the fun.

My husband on the other hand(not that its bad or anything), is your traditional, commercialized, Halloween celebrator. He loves the whole shebang of scary ghouls and monster costumes, scaring (little) people, and coming home with pounds and pounds of candy. And he loves the same for his kids, he loves to take them trick or treating and enjoying the candy corns with them. I think it’s too cold outside.

So, without delving into a religious debate, Halloween is one of those celebrations, where we kind of compromise or try to. One year, they get to go trick or treating and the next year they get to go to Hallelujah Festival at church, which by the way has gotten so much bigger and grander nowadays. In other words: We alternate. This year, because we are in a new city and we have yet to find a home church, they get to go trick or treating. When we first started, of course, Hallelujah Night was not as fun as trick or treating, but over the years it has evolved into an all out celebration for a lot of different churches. So, the whining and complaining when it is church year has definitely subsided, and they would even try to figure out how they can do both in one night.

Halloween is a very tricky celebration. It’s like people know what it means, but it’s more acceptable to ignore that part and just have fun. In addition, it is so over commercialized like a bazillion other “holidays”, that it’s hard not to just go with the roll, especially for those who has children. I think that there is a good way to compromise in this situation, if allowed. My older kids had a lot of questions and a lot of complaints, but I think now they understand and they get it. I’m sure they are still all about the costumes and the candy, but when they get older they will try to figure out why we had church year and they will have some sort of basis. You gotta get them where you can and I think that little basis can make some sort of impact later on. And you thought it was just Halloween.

Here are a couple of Halloween alternatives that I like if you are in Houston, TX:

Houston First Baptist’s First Fest (South Loop Campus)

Praise Christian Church Hallelujah Night