In 350 Words or Less: Education Blues


If you are one of my kids, you know how, “tiger mom”, I am about education. I am very big on it and it saddens me to see the hit that education has or is taking in life right now or ever; from the ridiculous rising debt/cost of higher education to the rising gun violence on college campuses and public schools. I am pessimistic that, by the time Aspen makes it to college, it will be obsolete, and/or impossible for normal people to attain, and I am not just talking about higher education.

But worse, have you heard about the public school system in New Orleans, LA? I’m sure you have, if not, you can read about it hereΒ and here. I find it hard to believe that a major city in America can no longer afford to provide traditional public education to its children. Beginning next school year, New Orleans will have the first all-charter school system in the country. Charter schools are publicly funded, but operate independently

I am not sure if it is still the case today, I’m sure it has changed, Β but when I was in grade school, charter schools were seen as negative, alternative school options. It was pretty much like where all of the bad kids go when they get kicked out of public and private school. According to several articles, the root of the change in New Orleans is corruption and poor performances. Maybe, it’s my ignorance of the system, and I will definitely find out more about it, but I don’t see how switching to an all charter school system will get rid of corruption and poor performance. If anything, I see more potential for a wider range of corruption in a charter organization and for the manifestation of a plethora of discriminatory issues. As the article states, it is still somewhat of an experiment, and I hope that it gets better for education in New Orleans. At the end of the day, we just want our kids to be able to go to school and receive a decent, if not, a good education.

First Solo!


Jaelan loves to sing. She sings all day, everyday. Music is a very accurate way to describe her. She has been in a school choir ever since she became old enough to join. When she found out we had to move to Kansas, the only thing she was worried about was if the school had a music program. I have no idea where she gets her musical acumen from, probably Xavier, but she is pretty good. I love that she loves music and I love that schools around here are continuing to nurture and prioritize music and fine arts in their curriculum. I hope she continues to love music and uses it for good in her life. And so that being said, last night, at Open House at her school, Jaelan had her first solo part.

About 2 weeks ago, Jaelan tried out for the small solo part in the choir concert and she got it, YAY! She had a great week last week, she had a birthday and she got the solo part that she had been obsessing about. It is also the first solo part that she has ever done, meaning she has never sang by herself in front of people. She was very nervous, but excited at the same time.


Anyway, below is a video of the intro portion of her solo and another, longer video of the rest of the song. I thought she did great, she stood up front like a British Royal guard, I mean she didn’t move a hair. Aspen even cheered her on and called her name out, but Jaelan did not flinch. She said that she was concentrating on her dad’s and our faces in the crowd. After the show, she had several people compliment her on her performance and that gave her such a huge relief. We were proud parents and sisters tagging along. Anyways, hope you enjoy the videos! πŸ™‚ GREAT JOB JAELAN!! YOU ROCK!!


Week 21: Finally, Friday!!


Happy, Saturday! Another day behind Friday post πŸ™‚ Awesomeness!

Week 21 Highlights:

Jaelan has been pretty busy with school work and clubs so she’s been pretty boring this week. I kid. She also started working out with her dad and I. Surprisingly, she is pretty motivated. She even got an attitude when she thought she was kicked her out of the home gym in favor of her school work. She got over it quickly.

Xavi had an interesting week. She was stressing and dreading her school’s Kansas Day, which was this week, because they were required to Square Dance. In front of people, she said. And y’all know Xavier and I don’t square dance, so, she was alone in this one. I did volunteer to help serve lunch to her whole grade , I was the dinner roll lady. So, I got to see her try to square dance. This is how it went:


Aspen is all about her dad and Bavion(Xavi) right now. She only comes to me or wants to hang out with me when she gets in trouble with her dad or when she gets in trouble period.

Like when she decided to draw on my face while I napped one day this week. A hint of her face art stayed after several facial scrubbings. GRRR, Aspen, GRRRR! But that did not satisfy her hunger for art, because she decided to draw on a wall. So, she got in more trouble with me and she ran to Xavi, cause Xavier wasn’t home.

She has also been uber hyper this week, like overdrive, she is everywhere! Not sure if it is the sweets and cookies, or she is just crazy, like her dad. Not sure. She breaks out in dance moves when she hears her favorite music. See:

So, indoor activity puzzle edition was a total FAIL because it required her to sit down.

No uber funny convos with her this week, but lots of funny phrases/words. Here is one:

“Janis! Janis! My name is Dr. Aspen and I am doing check-ups, I need my sketoscope!”

PS: We had a company party this week and the theme was, A Beach Getaway. Mean while, I had to fight the Ice Villain that devoured my car cause it was too damn cold degrees outside. But, the party was nice and refreshing. They had virgin mangoritas. The End.

PSS: Excuse the video quality, it’s only iPhone.

Week 21 Gallery:

Week 18: Finally, Friday!!


Hello, Saturday πŸ™‚ It has been a couple of weeks since my last post and that is not a good way to start the new year. But, life decided to have me ill since my birthday and I am still pretty cruddy. However, I didn’t want to get too behind, so let us post away!

I am uber grateful to the Lord that I managed to only miss ONE full day of work, and one day of WFH. So, the damage at work was not too bad. I have no idea what came down on me, actually I still don’t. But, please GO AWAY! I hate being sick.

We went home for New Year’s week and it was awesome, until I got sick. We hit up Lopez and Timmy Chan’s on our first day πŸ™‚

Week 18 Highlights:

The girls went back to school this week. The polar vortex phenomena cancelled the first day of school back(but not work). It was -8F. NEGATIVE EIGHT, y’all. This is not Alaska or Siberia. It was cold.

The rounds of choir practices and math clubs have began again. Xavi decided to join the Scrabble Club. Let us cheer, for it is not the Pokemon Club or a Gamer’s Club. YAY! I think she will do well since she does well during the Spelling Bee.


For a minute, I was worried she might start missing day care, then she reassures me: “No! I don’t want to go to school. I wanna stay here with my, Daddy!” Glad we got that out of the way.

Whilst standing on Xavier’s feet going up the escalator, she yells out, “I AM FLYING!! DAD! I AM FLYING!!” I love her toddlerisms.

Convo with Aspen:

Me: Aspen, how was your day today? What did you do?

Aspen: I was mean to the girls. I was cranky all today.

Me: What!? Why were you mean to the girls and why were you cranky? (I needed to know)

Aspen: BA-CAUSE, Janis. BA-CAUSE. (She turns and walks away).

The End.

Week 18 Gallery

*This includes some from week 17, since I skipped a week.*

Week 10: Finally, Friday!!


Happy Friday, everyone!! Looking forward to the weekend, but more importantly, someone has a birthday this weekend! πŸ™‚ (This is one of my favorite photos of her πŸ™‚ )

Week 10 Highlights:

Things were pretty slow this week, Aspen was a bit under the weather, and it was very cold, so this will be short. Kind of.

Jaelan had her second choir concert this week, the Fall Music Festival. The program was a very sub-par, something between not enough preparation or just nerves maybe? The strings and the band had to re-start several times on the few pieces that they were able to play, but the crowd was very forgiving and appreciative, and the kids were still very cute πŸ™‚ Jaelan was disappointed and embarrassed by the performance, including the choir’s, even though they seemed the most prepared group. I told her that there will be times like that and to forget about it and prepare for the next one. You can’t win them all, so keep playing πŸ™‚

Also, did I mention that someone has a birthday this weekend? πŸ™‚


Aspen needs to be potty trained ASAP, because, she is now taking off her pull ups when she has an accident and then hiding them…..not in the trash. She then puts on new ones and act like nothing happened. This kid kills me. I couldn’t tell you how many pull ups we went through this week. SIGH.

Also, Aspen was out voted on taco night, she voted for pizza. So, we went to a taco place, she gets chicken quesadillas, and she tells us, “My chicken pizza is weally good, y’all!!”. She makes me laugh.

PS: We put together a box for a local organization to send to the motherland. Family are safe. I wish we were closer there, so we can do more.

Week 10 Gallery:

This Weekend:Β 

A Birthday Party

Xavi’s Requests

Holiday Photos

Third Friday/Waldo/DT

Houston Texans, Houston Cougars, and Houston Rockets on tv

Week 6: Finally, Friday!!

Happy FRIDAY!! Very glad it’s the weekend. It was a busy week at work and it was cold ALL week and it’s only OCTOBER! It is too early to be this cold! I hope this is fake cold weather and it goes away until December.SIGH. I can hope.

Week 6 Highlights:


Her vocabulary, while fairly advanced for her age, is still primitive when it comes to more difficult words, like spaghetti. This week, her word for spaghetti is a little closer to the actual word:

Before this week: spaghetti/noodles = yew

This week: spaghetti = comegettis.

Progress is awesome πŸ™‚

On Tuesday, I snuck up on her when she was unbelievably quiet in our room, and this is what the big girls and I found:




It’s Friday, and after 3 days of washing her hair, it’s still GREASY.

Jaelan and Xavi:

Jaelan and I got ourselves matching boots this week, HERS is a size 7 in women’s and mine is a 6.5 in girls. How did this happen?

One of the girls revealed to me that, one time, when their armpit smelled like garlic or onion, they tried to lick it to see if it taste like garlic or onion, they succeeded. I was speechless. GROSS. Can you guess which one?

I went to my room and LAUGHED and LAUGHED, silently, then I went back down and lectured about not licking armpits cause of gross germs and such. I can’t make this up.

Convo with one of them:

Me: What is an iambic pentameter?

Response: (And confidently, might I add), It is the sound the refrigerator makes in the middle of the night. *Walks away before I can correct her*.

Me: Huh? What? SIGH.

I am slightly concerned, but they brought home all A’s this week, so, I am good for now.

PS: Jaelan said that there’s a boy in her class named James(changed), but he calls himself, Tina. Why?

I need answers to these questions.

Week 6 Gallery:

(Hover over the photo for description)

This Weekend:

Costume Buying

Pumpkin Patch. SIGH.

Hoots and Howl

Boo at the Zoo

2013 KC Whiskey Tour (Maybe)

UH Cougars and Texans vs. Chiefs football on tv.

*Good Luck to all of the 2013 Kansas City Marathon and Half Marathon runners. Stay Safe. IT IS COLD OUT THERE*