Finally, Friday!!


Happy Friday!! Fall is here and are you ready for the weekend? Since the Texans broke my heart last night, I’ll be cheering for the Royals tonight.

Last month marked one year of blogging. Time flies. Though I haven’t blogged in over a month, I am glad to be back.

Also, I decided to continue with this series. Year 2 Week 1 will start next week.



It’s been a little busy over here. The girls picked up their after school sports and activities this season. Xavi is playing league soccer and Jaelan is running on the Cross Country team at her school. Middle school sports is limited here, so after cross country, kids pretty much play league sports.




Xavi’s soccer team is currently undefeated and in First place. She loves being back on the soccer field. She has always had fun, but this year is special because this is the first winning/dominating team that she has ever played for. Side Note: Apparently I get too loud during the games, so Xavi asked me to stop yelling too loud.



Xavi expressed her desire to learn how to play the violin, so she signed up for it at school and she is currently taking private lessons. Let us pray it works.


This is Jaelan’s first year of Cross Country competition. She has improved her time with every race, so I’ll take that as a win. She doesn’t understand why people would voluntarily run miles for no reason. I told her so that she won’t get fat. Just kidding.




Jaelan is doing choir again this year, and she tried out for state. She will find out if she makes it in November. Cross your fingers, toes, and tails.





I had lots of Aspen smart ass remarks to share with y’all, but then I lost my paper where I wrote down all of it. So, you will have to wait until I remember them.

New things about Terminator:

1. Her new favorite song is, “Bout the Base”.

2. She loves penguins.



3. She wants to be Elsa for Halloween.

4. She has fallen in love with soccer from watching Xavi play. I told her that she had to be five years old to join a team. So, she has told anyone who will listen that she is skipping four years old and going straight to five years old after her next birthday, so that she can play soccer.


Here she is “practicing” her soccer dribbling skills:






























Week 4: Finally, Friday!!

Yay, another week in the bag! This was a slow and drooling week. I did not get to do any running cause I decided to rest, so I have a lot of catching up to do this weekend.

None of the listed events on Week 3 post (except football and the Market) happened due to rain, so we will try again this weekend. Let us pray the TEXANS WIN. Amen? Amen.


Aspen had way too many new smart aleck remarks this week for me to keep up with. They consist mostly of command phrases that end with, give me that!(finger point), now!(frown face and finger point to the floor), right now!(sad face), come here, i don’t care(frown face and foot stomp), and more finger pointing. Finally, you should hear her say, “pumpkin bread”, it sounds like…yep, that’s right, not, “pumpkin”. These will have to be corrected and dealt with immediately.

Aspen started potty training, well tried. Daunting, straining, and hilarious. Fail so far (see photo below).

Week 4 of daycare was way better…cause she only went for 2 days. So not so many tears, but they are still definitely there. This week, Aspen decided that she likes bananas and pumpkin muffins. I made 8 muffins and she ate 5 of them…FIVE in 2 days. She is also getting better with titty, she still tells it to back up off of her, but when she sees her struggling, she will pick her up and help her out.

Jaelan’s choir try out is today, wish her luck!

Xavi is like level 20 something on Diablo III. She and her dad have been playing without me. They left me like 2 weeks ago, I am level 13.

Week 4 Gallery:

(Hover over photo for description)

This Weekend:

First Friday

West Bottoms First Weekend (Maybe)

Pumpkin Patch

Coffee Girls

Texans vs. 49ers on tv

*No running challenge this week*

Enjoy your weekend! 🙂