That Instagram!


I am fairly sure that 99% of you have heard of Instagram. Yes, you have.

That annoying photo app version of Facebook. Anyways, unlike many, I don’t think it’s annoying, in fact, I happen to like Instagram. I don’t care how, “ancient”, my kids think I am, or how, “Im too old for IG”, as my siblings and other folks think, I like to waste countless amount of my already short, precious time, thumbing through my IG timeline. Cause it’s pretty great!

It’s even more awesome when paired with the VSCO photo editing app, it CAN make you look like you know what you are doing with photos. No, really!

I do not own a huge, fancy camera or even a point and shoot. The only thing I use for this blog is my iPhone, so naturally, because iPhone photos don’t turn our well sometimes, IG and VSCO will remedy a majority of my fugly and poor quality photos. Most of the time. Sometimes you can’t remedy ugly.

Anyways, I have a point. Here are 3 Reasons why I like/love Instagram:

1. Creativity: I am fairly sure that a lot of the awesome photography on IG are photoshoped and what not. But, I marvel at the creativity of Instragrammers. I am also talking about the challenges that they come up with, and how they can make a piece of towel on a dingy table look like art. Now that’s creative/talent.

2. Inspirations: Believe it or not some of the post by some talented, creative people on IG has inspired me to branch out from mainstream stuff and try “other” brands/products. For example, I loves coffee, and I am happy to say that I no longer (just)drink Starbucks coffee, but have ventured out to the local coffee shops/roasters for my caffeine needs. In fact, I have not been to a Starbucks here in KC. Thanks to Instagram (and google), I discovered my (new)favorite coffee spots here, which made it a little easier to transition. Also, you know how I found out I liked pastry? Yup, Instagram.

3. Promotions/Networking: You can sell water to a well on Instagram. You can take a photo of Beyonce digging in her nose and people will, “Like” and visit whatever it is promoting. The reach and opportunities that IG offers small and local businesses is vast. You never know who will be interested in Beyonce’s boogers. You just don’t. Sure, Facebook, Pinterest, and others do the same. But with IG, I tap on the app and BAM! Photo of latte art, and that’s it, I go get/make coffee. It is quick and painless. And of course, who doesn’t like to show off their cute kid(s) to the whole world? I DO.

Extra: Throwback Thursdays: No explanations needed. Who doesn’t like to see cute and funny baby pics your friends, family members, and your favorite celebrities?

I have only been on Instagram for a little over a year and a half, and I am sure I am late to this, but nonetheless, it deserves a post 🙂

I thought about posting some of my favorite Instagram photos, but it might become a headache later, so I decided to show you a little of my IG. Not necessarily favorites.

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